Panama Canal and Panama City are quite disappointing

I decided to check out the Panama Canal and Panama City on FS2020 and I was quite disappointed by all of it. Here are some pictures of the canal:

The water levels are all over the place. Buildings seem auto-generated. Meanwhile, there’s a ton of handcrafted buildings in Panama City but the Bing Maps imagery is very low quality which makes everything look meh.

I wonder why so much work was put into all the buildings in Panama City when the canal was just left to auto-generate when it’s one of the biggest engineering feats in human history. Together with the low-quality bing imagery of that area the buildings look completely out of place.

Ah well…game is absolutely stunning in a lot of places. With some time and work, new bing map data and more work from Asobo, I feel like this sim has a big future ahead. Maybe one day we will rarely find bad areas anymore.


Squirrel did a Youtube video on this and, believe it or not, he says this is an EXCELLENT rendition. You should look it up. I wouldn’t know, because I’ve never been there.