Parallel42 SimFX Released

They were waiting for SU15 but I guess decided to go forward given the delays. I watched @Chewwy94 showcase this on a stream a few weeks back and it looked great.

A few things to be aware of with regards to specific planes so make sure to read before you purchase!


Wow I guess it works without it, or do they caveat limitations?

I couldn’t find any limitations based on sim version, just on aircraft types, and purchase locations.

I just installed it, checking it out now :slight_smile:


Once you are in the program, you can see what is limited to SU15.

  • Rotor Downwash All Surf

Looks like that is it.


Pretty straight forward, download, unzip and toss in community folder. Nice interface, allows you to adjust each effect both aircraft and environmental, settings button lets you adjust the dynamic quality of effects.

I haven’t found a manual yet,



Messed around with some effects, pretty cool and liking it so far.

The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) are way over done though, even on the most subtle settings they are over done.

I have South Oak’s Aurora Borealis and they are much more realistic depiction. I’ll turn that effect off and keep using South Oak’s.


I mostly fly the Comanche. In the compatibility notes it’s states the following:

Compatible, with the following notes:

  • This aircraft doesn’t have any default Wheel Effects.

That note doesn’t make much sense. Does it mean that no simfx wheel effects injected, or does it mean wheel effects injected despite the default not having wheel effects.

So what exactly does this programme bring to the Comanche experience? What effects are present?

Anybody have any views about whether this is a worthwhile addon or the effect it has on fps with all features set to on? Also if buying direct from Parallel 42 does anybody know if they accept Paypal as a payment method? It doesn’t give accepted payment methods on its website.

Although I wouldn’t say it’s particularly cheap (subjective I know) I’m definitely interested if it brings more immersion to the sim but not if there is a notable performance impact.

I also wonder about the timing of this (a bit like Active Sky as well tbh, just a few months maybe before MSFS 24) and its longevity given there is a possibility that some of these effects might be there by default in MSFS 24 anyway.

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If does not include default wheel effects it can not modify the effects…so no wheel effects.

From //42:

" Compatibility between your aircraft and SimFX is fairly straightforward. Here are a few things you need to know:

  • We intercept effects at the XML Template level by overriding the Asobo_GT_FX template located in the FX.xml file.
  • If your aircraft’s effect behavior code skips straight to the element, SimFX will not be able to detect or intercept those effects.
  • If you are using the default Asobo templates (in FX.xml) for your visual effects, SimFX will be able to swap the default effects with its own.
  • If you are providing your own custom effects that could conflict with SimFX’s, you can either provide us with a list of GUIDs for your effects so we can handle the behavior or offer a way for users to disable those effects."

The addon is worth every penny if you are into realistic effects. //42 does except Paypal as an option. There has been no performance degradation that I have noticed thus far.

As far as timing, is //42 or any developer for that fact supposed to sit back and release nothing because 2024 is on the horizon? Developers need to put food on the table and pay bills as well. That cannot be accomplished unless they have sales.


Thanks for the reply and info :+1:

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Very useful thank you. I can see that the Comanche is stated as compatible with the exception of wheel effects missing as for the reasons you described. I therefore assume all of the other effects should be present.

I would be grateful if anyone who has the Comanche can let me know which of the other effects are observable for this aircraft?

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I have no idea what line 2 is supposed to mean. What is an element?

I assume it means that if the aircraft has been coded the proper way by going through the mentioned xml file then SimFX will work correctly. If however the dev bypassed this xml file for a particular effect then SimFx will not trigger.

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Hi there,

I bought SimFx love interface and contrails but I have a big FPS down .

As I have a lot of traffic around me, its reproducible as I activate contrails on environment AI, big FPS lost.

Even with performance mode.
As I put contrails AI off, I have my full FPS.

Is it a bug ?

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You are not alone. Just tested with FSLTL with same results.


Try changing the settings to dynamic and performance and see if that does not fix it for you.

same same big FPS hit , I must disable…I got only 14FPS for sure thats a bug and need to be adress

We took note of those observations, and we’ll dig deeper for optimizations on AI contrails!


thank you as its reproducible if you have AI around you activate SimFX envrionment contrails result on a big FPS hit.

It become normal FPS as you desactivate SimFx contrails.

Tested many times same results.


Tested with Fenix A320 and no FPS hit, we notice that Fenix A320 is uncrypted and no contrail from SimFx, is it why ? Dont know.

But FPS hit confirmed with A310 Inibuild Asobo that is not uncrypted and have SimFx contrails

We’re talking about AI contrails, not user contrails… you’re saying that you’re seeing a hit with your own aircraft?

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