Partial Volumetric Lighting

Sad this issue didnt get fixed. Do we now have to wait for Su9? Its litterly unflyable at night.

No they said they fixed it!
Well they actually also broke it for 2D users added to new reflections issues.
Love this SU so far :innocent:

Does this issue also appear at low altitude IFR in rainy/foggy weather because I couldn’t reproduce it last night in the A320 in 2D. I saw someone in another topic said it depended on screen resolution and they used magpie to work around it.

I have the same issue I use a 3440x1440p which is native res. I even did a full sim reinstall and the issue was still there. It seems to only be ultra-wide issue. When I switched to 1920 by 1080p the issue was gone. If u turn off light shafts the issue goes away but so does light shafts which removes the light interacting with your clouds affect

Yeah, no problem here with 16:9 (in 2D)

Yeah its just another one of many ultra wide issues

the issue is not there on dx12

I also have the issue. I do not have VR and use ultra wide 144hz screen. running on RTX2080ti. I wanted to upload a video showing the issue but it didn’t let me do so since I’m a new user.

PC user on Steam.

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I can’t properly explain this bug. But after Mandatory Update Weird Glare light effects appear with shapes like triangles forming a sunflower. :wink:

Please see the attached image, It will explain better than me.

Yeah this is the volumetric lighting bug that was reported during the beta. One workaround is to change resolution and resize with magpie, although I don’t know if works with VR.

Others have reported they didn’t have the issue in DirectX12

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Thanks, but what is magpie?

It’s a program that takes a windowed application and upscales it to fullscreen.

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I’ll try thanks a lot.

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You’re welcome.

Another workaround is to use DirectX12. Here is another discussion on the problem:

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Wonderful, I`ll play with DirectX 12 until this bug get fixed, thank you again HethrMasn. I´ll follow Partial Volumetric Lighting discussion topic.

Thank you again.

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This is claimed to be fixed in SU9 according to today’s feedback snapshot. I am on the beta but I never had this issue so I can’t reproduce it and tell you whether or not SU9 beta really fixes it.

Appears to be 90% fixed for me in SU9 beta (VR). I have full volumetric light shafts again, but still notice the occasional sunflower effect @LudwigDGroBe reported above…but much less than SU8.

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I’ll give it a try in VR as I was having the issue.

Weird that they claim it fixed when it wasn’t in the release notes…

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They don’t list everything they fix in the release notes which is unfortunate. Let’s play the guessing game…

I am not sure if it is related to this bug but when i see other traffic either close or away, i can only see their strobe/nav lights on the very edge of my headset in VR. In the center, the plane disappears. If I move my head down or up a little and roll my eyes to the top i can see the traffic. I thought this might be related but it is so frustrating.