Partial Volumetric Lighting

I’ve kind of the same issue where I see strobe lights only in my right or left eye, depending on the distance and placement.

But I’ve this issue since a lonnnng time.

I’m on a Quest 2.

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It’s indeed fixed on SU 9 Beta.

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Nice, glad to hear it :slight_smile:

Had this exact issue too. Someone mentioned it has somethings to do with screen resolution. So I tried a different supersampling in Steam VR. In-game I set it to TAA 100, in Steam VR to 138 i.e., that worked and light shafts are back and perfect as they should be from every point of view, whereas 140 the issue was exactly as described above. Tried some more, and some SS-settings gave a cure, some not, so maybe it has to do with a divisible resolution by a certain number, I guess? You need to try yourself.
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