Partnership Series Results

Can we just recap for a second about the success of the partnership series program?

:x: Meteoblue - weather doesn’t reflect real-world conditions, on the ground or aloft.
:x: VATSIM - doesn’t work because SimConnect API is borked.
:x: - Airports missing and layouts incorrect, landmarks turned into monoliths, redundant gray buildings around the world.
:x: Bing Maps - limited photogrammetry, old imagery, low resolution outside major areas.

0 for 4…those are some solid partnerships. :roll_eyes:

  • Meteoblue weather integration will be fixed - this is a known issue.
  • SimConnectAPI is also being worked on (see known issues).
  • is a new piece of technology that is still being developed and will continue to get better. This is the next generation of autogenerated scenery. Also - Blackshark isn’t responsible for creating airport layouts, or so I gather. Landmarks, yeah, idk if that is handled by Blackshark or not.
  • Bing Maps - yeah I can see your point here. Bing is a little more limited than Google, lets hope that changes.

So… 3 out of 4 seem solid to me. I’m sure the huge reason why Bing is the sat data provider is because… Microsoft.


I know its crazy, this far into the games lifecycle aswell you’d think they’d be running flawlessly…

It’s just another bait from an Xplane fanboy. Nothing special. We should be used to it by now :grinning:

LOL the nerve of some people. They are literally mapping THE WHOLE WORLD. The game was rushed to release of course there will be bugs. But the game is 100000x better looking than any other sim and the technology is new but it is revolutionary. Give it time and stop complaining about stuff you shouldnt be, its great to point out bugs and say something when stuff isnt up to what they should be but crapping on the game and not saying anything positive isnt doing any good. 37000+ airports, the whole world mapped and the whole world weather and live traffic… Obviously there will be issues. Glass half full, the potential is amazing and its already a really great game. Nothing new every works great the first time around, name anything ever, ill wait. It takes time and fixing mistakes. Would love to see anyone here do a better job.

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:x: NavBlue - Outdated Airac Data