Passenger stairs always there on every start up PMDG 737

Does anyone know how to set it up so the passenger stairs are not there when you spawn in at the gate? I would prefer to call for stairs or jetway but for the life of me i cannot figure out how to set up the startup state to exclude the passenger stairs from the start. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

You load your flight, go into the FMC, remove the stairs (and set any other options you want) and then save that as a STATE.

Check out this video for more help.

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after a few days of trying to set it up, no matter what i do, the only way the stairs do not appear when spawning in is if the battery is already on with ground power…=/ im a pleb i guess

Not sure what you are doing wrong. When you bring up your state, release the stairs, release the GPU, power off the battery and set anything else you want. Go to the PMDG setup menu, Save the panel state. Then change the Startup state to the saved panel state.

Yeah you are definitely doing something wrong in the setup process