Patch 2 is an absolute joke!

I understand your point of view and I have no arguement with you.

However know that there are only about thirty developers for XP and most likely an army for FS2020. And MS has unlimited resources, and they didn’t do all the work.

What disappoints me about FS2020 is the lack of aircraft. But we all know that pretty sells.

Just because a company has lots of money doesn’t mean they just pour all of it into a project.

I am a software engineer at a large/rich company so I have seen the process.

Here’s how a project goes:

They decide to make a game/product: they assign it a budget. The budget might have some flexibility but it’s not unlimited. The managers have to make the project work within the budget. The budget pays for Engineer salaries, outsourcing, and other resources.

Each engineer has a limited amount of time they can work in a day, and you must account for blocking issues, vacation, sick days. etc.

There is likely a very long list of bugs. For this game probably hundreds if not thousands!

Bugs are not a piece of cake to fix, they can take anywhere from a few hours to months! The more complex the software and the more unusual the bug the harder it is to fix. These games have millions of lines of code.

Most likely not enough engineers to fix all the bugs concurrently, so they have to prioritize. While they are working on some things, the rest go unfixed until the engineers are unblocked.

The company will not just pour unlimited money to hire hundreds of more engineers, this causes issues with being able to manage and train all these engineers and then needing to downsize the team after the game is more stable.

By the way as far as I can tell X-plane has fewer than 5 engineers working on the game engine. A studio like Asobo probably has a few dozen engineers and may be able to outsource some or borrow some manpower from MS, but most likely they have to manage it on their own. MS’ other engineers are busy working on other games and all the other software they have to manage and fix.

It’s not magic, it’s hard work, and it takes time!

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The whole thing is a joke! To refer to this buggy ■■■■ as a Flight Sim is an insult to peoples intelligence! It’s just a Bing Maps Scenery Simulator!

Before the Fanboys attack can I remind them my hard earned cash helps to support this forum!

If MS/Asobo want my feedback on their shoddy goods, they just got it!


No, it’s really not difficult. There is a difference between writing your opinion in a decent way in a public forum where the help you get or your readers are other forum users. Being rude and just trolling (not adding anything to help but just spread negativity) is helping nobody and just leads to the ‘normal’ users leaving.


Yes, you know what I think you’re right. My Bing Maps Scenery Simulator has aircraft in it. Yes aircraft of all things; I really can’t believe Asobo let that bug through. Now that’s shoddy.

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I referred to it elsewhere as a cumulus cloud simulator. But I’m glad to see that you understand it for what it is. In fact, if you look at interviews and articles about the game’s conception, it was a technical demo for Azure and Bing imagery.

So many people here have referred to all the wonderful, ground-breaking achievements of this title, when they don’t really exist. All the bits of the game have been done before in some implementation somewhere else. Weaving it all together in a compelling way is the key here, and Asobo has simply not delivered the “goods” yet.

And regarding your money, to borrow from another thread:

Apparently because you’re not homeless now, you have no right to complain or be disappointed.


Yeah they are great! More bugs than a termite nest! Not worth a hoot! All highly accurate as advertised.

What’s Microsofts going rate for a Fanboy/Shill nowadays?

PMDG quoted as saying Q3 or Q4 2021 for their B737 to come to MSFS due to lack of system depth in SDK is just terrible. Try again next year I guess. You would think the full might of Ms might be able to turn something around a little quicker than a year.


I suspect that Microsoft has very little to do with the development of the game. While the details of the financial arrangement between them are not public, I suspect it looks something like Asobo was given a publisher’s advance by Microsoft with a contractual release date, and said “go forth Asobo.”

As this is unlikely to be a money-printing machine for their X-Box division, I doubt Microsoft would provide direct support to Asobo simply because the title is flopping around like a fish out of water. More likely they’ll just cut the cord if it turns into a loss-maker.

For your health, I’d recommend a long sea voyage with no stress and, above all, no internet connection.

While you’re out there, read some Voltaire.


Agreed, however, what’s considered trolling and rude is subjective. Hence the balance.


After installing the patch, I did not laugh and therefore I do not consider it as a joke …

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Funny, other people labeled this game a bing maps simulator and got banned because they were upset their posts were flagged.

Imagine that…

Nothing is simulated correctly in this Xbox game so therefore people who paid for a simulator got scammed to put it bluntly.

Is it a pretty game to fly the included aircraft in? Yeah it’s nice and shiny and I do enjoy the graphics compared to good ole fsx and p3d.

Can xplane 11.5 and future of xplane do what msfs 2020 has, you bet but that will take time, talking about general eye candy.

They have ortho scenery and orbx true earth packages which so a pretty good job, except not sharp or good looking from 0-1000 feet.

Planes do fly and work, g1000 works, and add on planes are fun.

Anyhow msfs 2020 worked a heck of a lot better before version 1.8.30 or however it’s labeled.

Then those quick weird changes they made too many I think, broke a heck of a lot of other code…

Also they did update bing data on the servers already to include fall season photogrammetry data. This included a million power transmission towers everywhere which is so resource intense it causes stutters flying low and slow from 0-2000 ft.

Everyone wants the game to succeed! Me included, but I won’t stop complaining until things that should work and hundred percent correctly are delt with!


I dont really understand your comment. ORBX orthos include decals so there is detail at 0-1000 feet.

The level of detail and or sharpness is low, the textures or tiles used with orbx true earth packages.

In msfs2020 the tiles or textures on ground to make up the ground are higher resolution so when flying from 0-1000 feet it looks sharper and better and more realistic.

Orbx cut that down for file size limitations and drive space for their packages…

Sorry for confusion…

I getcha. The TE GB ortho tiles have a resolution of 4096x4096 pixels 32 bit, about as good as it gets if we want not to fill up 500GB drives just having the UK I guess.

You sound you might know a bit more about the orth than I do. Do you know what the KM x KM size that the 4096x4096 tile covers? (or I guess miles, for you crazy blokes that insist on using metric, but confusing the hell out of me when I rent a car in the UK and everything is in miles!)

Also, and this is an open question to anyone I guess, but I thought that was the whole point of all this streaming was to allow us to stream HUGE amounts of super high-res textures, elevation data, etc.

I literally doubled my home internet plan from a measly 75 mpbs up/down to 150 mpbs up/down (plus fibre optic from the house to all the way to the ISP backbone) PLUS 1TB a month in extra bandwidth…

So far the MSFS2020 has used next to none of my virtually limitless bandwidth to stream much of anything…what gives?

There are 12,107 tiles in UK South version covering 42,000 square miles so each tile covers about 3.5 square miles. Multiply the above by 1.61 and that will give you a pretty close KM figure.

or 1.6093 if you’re a pedantic sod like me.

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Nothing is simulated correctly?? Sorry, but couldn’t read the rest of what must be some kind of rant after reading that nonsense.