Patch 5. NO Download Loop!

Patch 5 installed without any issues for me - no download loop eating up my data allowance and sanity.

I am so glad this has been fixed, patch day should be exciting but when the download mechanism causes such a headache it is hard not to dread the update and that impacts very negatively on the overall experience. I really hope this has been resolved for others too so, they too, can enjoy MS/Asobos hard work.

I haven’t flown patch 5 yet but have disabled cockpit tooltips and the intro videos (both of which I disliked intensely), restarted, and am justy basking in the glory of the welcome screen after only one click. It seems so much more streamlined just getting into the sim.

So I declare (personally) that Patch 5 is already a major success - this two month old fledgling seems to be spreading it’s wings nicely. Onwards and upwards.

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Everything worked for me too! Patch 5 seems great, live weather was sorta working for me most of the time before except with somewhat outdated METARs, but now the weather near my house/home feels spot on! Really great patch!

Next patch will probably fix the small issues this patch probably introduced (haven’t found anything yet, but I’m sure there are issues, it’s impossible to fix this much without introducing new bugs in my experience)!

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Yeap, everything was smooth on my side too.

I’m having the download and now it won’t even work with VPN as it used to before… I don’t understand how microsoft can create such a broken product.

LOL - I should not have said a word.

So far the download loop on the USA world update (mandatory bit) has taken over 70GB to download 12GB. Loop is definately back for me!

Further, The optional (Content Manager) will not download the USA POI etc). It does try but fails anywhere between 20KB and 1GB then I get package failed with ‘16EiB remaining’.

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