Patch coming tomorrow...?

Orbx mentioned that due to a bug on Microsoft’s end, they cannot offer their products via the in-game marketplace. They said that this issue would be resolved Sep 1st. Does that mean we might see the patch tomorrow?

Fingers crossed


or even today :slight_smile:


ive heard from an other developer saying wednesday

Any idea what time?

Wait and see, be patient life is short! :wink:


That’s the next update statement from the team. Just like it was on the 27th.

Would please somebody reply to this message, when the patch is released in Europe? I would then need no longer to check the website or the game, because I will get an email :slight_smile:

Microsoft gave us a specific answer last week. They said the patch will be released sometime within the next 7 days. :slight_smile: That is all we have so far.

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Oh god. I hope this doesn’t turn into another one of the world ends release dates like when they delivered an alpha build 2 days after the timeframe they told us. That thread was a nightmare.

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It was either on YouTube or somewhere I read that next one was due out September 3.

Yes. The dev updates come out every thursday. That is not the same as an actual content update. Nobody knows when the actual content updates come out. Lots of people, including youtubers, are mixing the two up.

no, dont know. Can be also tomorrow or later…

But they gave us a specific time frame on 08.27. …they said in the next 7 days the PATCH will be released, not the dev update.

Yes? I’m not sure where we disagree?

At some point in time the title of this thread will be correct, at least.

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I guess the patch will be released in some places a lot earlier than others as was the case on release and before that…

Probably not

Orbx never said is would be resolved on the 1st of September they said no sooner than the 1st.

Orbx have provided an update on Microsoft’s behalf siting infrastructure issues which doesn’t appear to have an corralation with the patch coming out this week - although who knows :slight_smile:. These issues as far as I know effecting the marketplace are on the backend and I guess this stuff takes as long as it takes, hopefully Microsoft will resolve this soon.

Microsoft said within 7 days for the patch, so that leaves today or tomrrow :slight_smile: but this is just a patch addressing some installation issues and stuff preventing people enjoying the simulator. Hopefully a more meaningful patch for the rest of us will follow later this month. :crossed_fingers:

Read Thursday more than once.
Just hope it fixes issues for those unlucky ones around the world who have missed out so far.
The more buying into the simulation market the better for all of us.

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You mean the great Kiribati migration party?


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