Patch Out, No Garmin Fix, No Timeframe Given Letting Game Pass Expire And Not Purchasing Full Edition

I’m really happy with the sim. I only do IFR flights in the A320. Loving it. I guess I am not that bothered if the wind is 225/03 somewhere or minor scenery problems. Sure things can be improved but its in a good enough condition to release.


My first sim was MS on a 5 1/4" floppy running this on a bad a$$ 8086.

One of my fondest memories as a 12 year old trying to loop a 747 (successfully I might add) in MS flight sim. The ground was green and the sky was blue, and that pretty much sums up the scenery.

Been with DCS for study level fighters since their inception and Falcon before that. So many good memories with falcon, and the original flaming cliffs (DCS) was epic at the time.

If you want a taste of study level go over to DCS. It’s great for what it is, but if your complaining about the bugs in MS FS 2020 then scratch that idea as its very much a “work in progress”. Always has and probably always will. Those looking for polished AAA titles need not apply.

Obviously X-Plane will always hold a spot in my heart. There was a time that waiting for 12 DVD’s to arrive with global LOD terrain etc data was more than I could stand.

Been flying and simming for more than 30 years now. MS is the only company to bring this type of fidelity to the masses. DCS isn’t comparable and very much a niche market. X-Plane for all its glory needs 3’rd party everything to shine and becomes as much a hobby maintaining it as you do flying. In fact in DCS’ case I spend more time developing and tweaking than ever flying. And that’s ok, there is a hobby within that.

But the potential we have in this new platform if you view it that way is amazing. Microsoft during one of their dev talks even stated: we chose not to focus on study level aircraft as the 3’rd party developers will always be better at that. Instead we wanted to look broadly at the platform instead of deeply into each plane and provide the platform and tools for other developers to build on.

As a developer myself I can tell you a few things. No one is better positioned to provide standard SDK’s for development than Microsoft. If you’ve ever tried to develop for DCS for instance, forget it. MS is not creating a closed loop. Instead they are making their tools public and available. When that comes to fruition watch out. This is very exciting for me.


I understand that I should be able to load a flight plan from storage without going back to the main menu. I understand that I should be able to pull up an approach or departure procedure from a GARMIN product when flying into an airport where approaches and departures exist. yeah, i can load up a fp from the main menu that gives ridiculous vectors and doesn’t offer complete transitions. that’s the problem. so knock it off with your smug attitude.

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No, why should you be bothered with a 180 dollar product you paid for that doesn’t provide advertised features. what kind of wool can i shave off you man?

Don’t understand either of your references. Sounds more like a pool you swim in.

You know what the reference is or you wouldn’t have singed it out. Always the same tired “OLD” voices from AVSIM popping up keeping the satus quo alive.

Not true. I have the update with standard version through game pass.

Buddy, live weather doesn’t even work. 225/3 everywhere…sim has to be reloaded after EVERY flight to get it to work? This is acceptable for the price point? The future gouging that’s coming from ORBX and Carenado (PMDG i’ll give a pass). Not acceptable. Not acceptable that the development timeline doesn’t address the weather issues or the nav issues.


Unfortunately I don’t, and not an "AVSIM"er either so wrong on both accounts bright guy.

Nah I can smell em. Bet you were over Lameinar 10 minutes ago trying to make Austen’s socks roll up and down.

That’s not quite right. This evening I was flying South through Spain, and into North Africa, and the wind was quite varied. A few days ago I was flying east to Greenland at 40,000ft and I had a 51kt crosswind to deal with.

I haven’t had to reload my sim once to get something to work. You can’t be gouged for something you don’t buy. I didn’t buy the Carenado Cessna because it seems too high for a model with stock avionics. Thats my choice. You don’t get to dictate the market because you think its unfair. here’s a lollipop, go cry elsewhere. Unacceptable because they havn’t released the timeline within the first 2 weeks of the problems that are important to you? A little entitled?

I guess it is c.rap compared to all the other sims that have live weather, full study aircraft, global scenery and airports and full working avionics in all default planes out of the box on day 1. Which ones are those again?

Still don’t understand the reference, but at least AVSIM I didn’t have to google.

Sim. Has. To. Be. Reloaded. After. Every. Flight. Winds ARE NOT WORKING. Multiple threads about it.

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Is there a block button?

That may be why I haven’t seen it, as I tend to load the sim, fly for 2 to 4 hours at a time on along route, then shut down for the evening. So for me, within that constraint, the weather outside the US works just fine.

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It’s tough to read opposing view points that challenge your confirmation bias. I get it.

For me the weather works in regards to sunny, raining etc… but yes I’ve been in a storm with 3 knot winds. There is clearly something that needs addressing.

Should probably just scrap the whole project and stick with X-Plane.

Before I put my mean moderator hat on…

The developers are investigating live weather issues and last weeks news item specifically mentioned the target for today’s patch was users who were unable to install and launch the sim, plus lag issues caused by a fault with simconnect. You can view the full patch notes listed here on the 27th of August.


We are looking into the reports and will provide additional information.

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