PC - FS2020 Graphics Displayed vs Our Inputs to UserCfg.opt

Pre SU6.

I have just been startled with my journey with this FS2020.

I have been preaching the greatness of Ultra and “LOD 9 for Obj and

I have been telling you the great benefit of the graphics displayed if you edit the usercfg.opt file and change them.

I was dead ■■■ wrong. It did not make any difference.

ASOBO sends the graphics it wants to you.

It does not make any difference to what you do.

You can figure and analyse and try to determine what you want to do.

It does not matter what you think you are in control of or even less trying to help.

I have been surprised. Just changed my Community folder to Community 1.

Just changed my UserCfg.opt to the standard: Ultra and 2.0 and 2.0 from 9.0 and 9.0.

Back to desktop and Restart. Display FS2020.

It is the same graphics that I had been bragging about.

It does not matter.

So, as they say, “whatever will be will be”.

I love the graphics that I get. I love FS2020.

I just will in the future, just have to start FS2020 and be content with what I get.

I don’t think this used to be the case! It’s a recent issue which everyone is hoping Asobo will address in tomorrow’s update! I noticed the same but I am pretty confident that this is a recent issue and will be resolved. You will get better graphic when changing LODs, of course at the cost of frame rates. Let’s hope the issue is resolved with tomorrow’s update (WU6).

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