#pc VATSIM: no lights, SR on Zendesk are set to "solved." without fix

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I play on VATSIM. Sadly, even with the most recent update the VATSIM injected aircraft (via the client vPilot) have no lights. That makes it impossible to play at nighttimes.

This problem persists since SU5 now!

I’ve tried with empty and non empty community folder as well, did not change anything. I disabled and enabled “madel matching” in vPilot to no avail.

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Connect to VATSIM, watch for other planes

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1.18.x.x (SU5 and following)

I waited patiently for nearly 3 month now, two hotfixes, one world update, another sim update. Still not fixed. My SRs in Zendesk are set to “solved” without help. No comments from Asobo/MSFS in the Forums.

VATSIM users are enthusiatsic simmers.

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