Live/AI Traffic Missing Lights

Live traffic/AI traffic is no longer showing nav/beacon/strobe lights at night. Is anyone else encountering this issue or any idea how to fix?

Player traffic does show lights, but not Live/AI traffic. This makes the night skies look pretty dead…

I agree, I did my first night flight after SU5 update and no AI lights. I really enjoyed being able to spot other traffic because the nav/strobes were so easily seen at night.

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Same for me. No lights on traffic…BUT, you can see the runway lights at 15 miles away at 3000 ft :slight_smile:


Not only lack of AI traffic lights, but the nameplates are also very whacky. Sometimes they show up, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the nameplates even disappear.

Also try to notice this next time – turn on nameplates first of so you can test it properly. Then look on your MFD: you will see more airplanes in the MFD than are actually showing outside of your airplane for a bit.

Come on Asobo! Are we really this dry in the QA department?

I had to cancel my VATSIM flight last night as all the aircrafts were ghost at EDDF…busy airport. It must be addressed urgently to continue live activities…


Hello everyone, same problem with me too. No lights at the AI-Traffic. Dear Asobo Team. Please fix it. Thank you!

Can confirm.
No AI aircraft lights after hotfix.


Confirm as well. Also they dont depart only landing.
You also?

@ SnaggyTadpole48 - You are correct. It is still messed up for departures and even some landings but at least what is in the air is now visible with the below workaround:

Yes I also have this issue. There seems to be traffic in the sky going by ATC and I’m still able to see them on the maps but absolutely no lights on live traffic aircraft. Occasionally I catch a glimpse of an aircraft in silhouette.

Same here no lights on AI traffic since SU 5; let’s hope this will be solved in the upcoming hotfix next week.


I think the lights are only missing if you use generic planes for traffic

I noticed the 172 and 208 don’t have lights, either.

This mod by @Chaezaa adds lights to all types of generic planes ( Temporary light fix the Asobo generic AI » Microsoft Flight Simulator ).

You’ll need to turn on generic models for traffic to make it work properly.

However, even with the generic setting turned on, there are still some non-generic planes loading for me (e.g. 172) and so some of the AI planes still don’t have lights. I saw somewhere here in the forums that there’s an is_generic flag in the aircraft.cfg file. I might look at that in the official folders to see if these non-generic planes can be turned off when using generic only settings.

vatsim looks completely dark…


I hope this is fixed in WU6, really difficult on VatSim at night in crowded airspace.


I have the same issue, when flying on VATSIM at night the other aircraft are not visible anymore, at least, the lights are not working. I came up close all of a sudden with a parked aircraft on VATSIM in the middle of the night but couldn’t see him.

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That explains why I get traffic on the Garmins, but can not find any traffic at night.

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You have ai traffic? Mine are gone

Also with WU6 the aircraft lights issue remains.
At the moment is not possible to use MSFS in night flights.
The issue happens with IVAO, VATSIM, AI Traffic and Real Time Traffic.


Crossing my fingers it’s fixed in SU6 :roll_eyes: