Pearson airport Toronto CYYZ

Is anyone aware, if someone is working towards bringing a spruced up version of Canada’s largest airport to the sim?


I have been working on and off doing CYYZ… mostly from handcrafted… as you know there is alot of buildings there… I’ve put in about 50 hrs so far doing them… still not even 25% done


Good for you! I personally wouldn’t have a clue where to start, nor how to do any of it…lol

Are you listening to Moving Pictures while building it? :slight_smile:


Busy doing other stuff (work…kids…), hoping to put out a WIP version in a week or so…

Have you released a WIP version yet? If so, can you link it?

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Sorry… yah kind of given up on MSFS til everything get way better with AI traffic… just been busy with other stuff as well and really haven’t had much time to work on anything sim related

I am. I think i can make it within a month. My vast experience of 3d model commission in cities skylines has helped me get into MSFS Airports. Ill release my first airport VECC within the week and then start on CYYZ

Will be Payware though.


How’s the progress on that goin?

Dropped CYYZ. I saw a group making it and its almost done

What group if you don’t mind me asking.

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I guess we’ll never know

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the same group which made CYYZ for Xplane 11

I haven’t seen them say anything about it. Can you send a link?

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Because Globall Art only does X-Plane

FlyTampa is working on it, don’t know when it will be released, but I’m sure it will be worth the wait!

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this. it is really good and they nearly finished it

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Where? Do you have a link to updates?

There are no updates .I do not believe anyone is working on it atm. Have not seen any teasers.
I do hope if Canada gets a world update if its handcrafted.

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FlyTampa are indeed working on it CYYZ - as well as Boston and Corfu! – they had a post on Facebook about it:

(Don’t know if this link will work but if not just go to their Facebook page and find their post from 24th Dec)