Pelican controls

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I’ve just downloaded the Pelican ( I have a Honeycomb yoke and throttle quadrant). Does anyone know how to fly the Pelican and what the control mappings might be?


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After burner switches between horz and vert engine position, and everything else is pretty much the same, if you have the radar enabled you can turn on map / weather etc (would of been nice to have this in the f18).

Make sure you have enough altitude before you switch engine position or you might get a surprise. Oh and with engines in the vert you can get to about 120 knts, in the horizontal 400+ knts…

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Transition from vertical to cruise seems pretty hands-off, as in the ship will keep the vertijets going while horizontal thrust is applied. From the (presumably buggy?) animations on my side it appears the vertijets remain on even in cruise, so it’s not like it drops out of the sky while coming out of hover.

This Thing trinming constantly upwards in normal flying mode. Only me?

Lot of lift coming with the high power-to-mass ratio. I’m holding level at 40% power in cruise mode. Anything above 55% and it’ll either overspeed in level flight or climb like a Cessna with an F110 engine strapped to its belly.


Is the binding identified for the transition switch from horizontal to vertical flight?

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Yes its your afterburner button. Pressing it will toggle engines from vert to horz and visa versa


I keep getting the over speed warning. Do I need to raise gear and flaps? I did not see any indicators.

raise the gear for sure, dont think there are any flaps, you have to watch your speeds vs your altitude, the higher you go the faster you can fly, so if your getting the warnings, pull back your throttle or pull up you nose till it goes away, I find that about 62% power is good below 10k’.

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I notice this too, if i want to correct it with the trim wheel on the Bravo i have to trim in the opposite direction. Not only that, but i have to trim a LOT.

Whats more, if you dont get your trim back to normal before switching back to cruise mode she will nose dive on you big time! It wouldn’t be so bad if the trimming:
a.) required less turns to trim
b.) gave some kind of visual indicator of current trim position.

I also assume the flaps have no impact. Can someone tell me how you open the cargo door? All i’ve found have been the dials to cut off the engines.

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Bottom right button above your PFD. It’s labeled as “Open Cargo Door”… A bit cryptic, I know :wink:

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I turned the pop up labels off as “I know where all buttons are”. I wasn’t ready for a free Pelican in my Hanger!

Cheers matey.

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To be fair, it doesn’t help that these are just blind buttons with no label on the cockpit at them.

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KlaatuBarada634 thank you for question
BubbaBlitz7348 thank you for answer
before your conversation i didn’t understand what’s going on. i had mapped afterburner at prop axis, and this was cause pelican permanently jump from cruise to hover mod and was uncontrolable because that guys made afterburner as trigger for change between hover and cruise. and i didn’t know this and didn’t guess this. and any position of prop-afterburner axis pelican read as click-clack and the switcher jumps high-down. so i make profile without afterburner at axis add this to same where i have tail gear lock/unlock toggle:) and now i can fly this stuff as i want:)

cargo door switch is in the group of toggles to the right hand side of the hud, bottom row.

both pilots have a 85lb weight. so this thing created by some kids? or this is developer’s hint about this is for kids? or may be pelican originally works at planet with low gravitation and this is the answer?

Anyone find the maximum altitude?

That’s the case with nearly every airplane in the sim since it’s normally supposed to rely on feel.

There is an input panel community mod that can help.

Best controls are either a, don’t download it or b, once you have downloaded it go into content manager and delete the ******