Performance Degradation with Upgrade

I have the impression that people who bought MSFS in the Store and on Steam have the greatest performance problems and those who bought from GamePass the least

There’s no fundamental difference there. It’s like suggesting a steak was good or bad depending on whether you bought it in person, or someone delivered it to you.

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Hello everybody. After installing version I have no more “76T Bishop one frame per second” bug, but I have crash to desktop CTD again or freezes with 0% GPU.

I asked myself “what is server request” and I started to look at the network traffic that MSFS 2020 produces. I found an old thread about (Microsoft MSFS 2020 servers) and e.g. Marketplace not available.

If you have still problems with version you may try these actions from [Bug Reported] Servers and Store Unavailable - Archives / Bugs & Issues - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

you are using Wifi, we recommend using an ethernet cable instead. It immediately solved the issue for some players.

  1. Open the Xbox Console Companion app.
  2. Go to Settings .
  3. Hit the Sign Out button.
  4. Then Log-in back again.
  5. Launch the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

And now my tipp: If you switch off “Online Functionality” in Options, General, Data the “Marketplace” tab is greyed.

I don’t know if a greyed out “Marketplace” stops all “server request”. But it is a simple thing to do and MAYBE you see a difference. Please report your findings.

And yes, I remember: My last tipp about switch off the Intel integrated graphics function had no impact. But I always say: “One out of ten ideas is a good idea. Sadly you have to try all ten to find the one”.

Technical background: The definition of “server request” can be: The Microsoft server (in the cloud) sends a message to your MSFS 2020 (the client). If your MSFS 2020 sends a message this is called “client request”. In the “Windows Defender Firewall” I see two entries for “Microsoft Flight Simulator”. In the screenshot below I disabled these two incoming rules. I assume these two incoming rules allow the “server request” the version fixed bugs list tells about.

The reaction to a “client request” is a “server response”. This is classical client/server programming or “pull service”. Less needed and therefore maybe less tested is “push service”, the pair “server request” and “client response”. In old days “push service” was simulated by continous “pulls” with mostly the response “nothing changed”. This was bad for latency and bandwidth usage, but simple to reason: always the client started.

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On my gaming laptop i7 10875H, RTX2080S, 32GB nothing has changed after last update. No degradation, no improvement.

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i noticed the fps is a lot better, but now my game started CTD midflight :frowning: … No idea why, it never happened before, but just after this hotfix. Anyone experiencing same?

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Lots of people including myself are having CTD issues. There is a thread dedicated to it here. Don’t forget to vote it up Crash to desktop without error message - #3085 by CarRoztocz

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My didnt CTD, but it might as well of, was fly the stock 320 on just a random heading @5000’ came back after a couple of hours and I was still flying at a whooping 1fps…the sim wouldnt respond at all, I ended up having to goto desktop and kill it. According to Proc Explorer is was still running and responding…

I figure before I goto bed for the night I’ll setup something and let it go and see how that fairs in the morning…

yes I see the same. First flight I thought it was solved. The a second flight into KBOS and it went down to below 10FPS where I had smooth 45 before. It was unflyable, had to disconnect from vatsim. I had to restart the sim completely to make another flight from KMYF to KPMD… and again in began to drop below 20fps about 20min into the flight…Actually the sim at some point almost seemed to freeze and recovered a few seconds later. So, unfortunately it’s not solved for me. Different, but not solved. What I see is less of those “high manipulators” since the patch but see a lot more of latency in “coherentGTdraw”… whatever that means. PS: I did some flying in Europe, I see less issues…might be a coincidence though

OK. For me things are running much better with this new update. ( My FPS are now staying around 30-45 FPS with everything set at Ultra on a 4K system. I was still getting some stuttering though. Then I thought about something. Where is my rolling cache file located? I have FS2020 installed on a separate 1TB SSD drive. I had recently wiped and re-installed the sim. But I didn’t change the location of my rolling cache file. It was still on my C: drive which I only use for the OS. So I deleted it and changed the location on my SSD drive that has MSFS installed. Low and be-hold, the stuttering is now gone. Smooth again. I personally use a rolling cache limit for my system of 100GB.

I just wanted to post this, in case it helps someone else.

So far, it seems to have worked for my system to eliminate the stutters.

Update… After 2 to 3 hours of flying, absolutely no stutters and CTDs for my system. Very smooth again. I’m very happy with this update. Average FPS 35 to 45 now. Very good for my system.

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I am still experiencing much worse performance (not as bad after Friday’s Patch) since the last major Sim update. The patch helped some, but flying into KJAC just now, FPS started dipping into the teens after being locked at 30 FPS… Same symptoms as pre-patch, just not quite as severe.

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Just had to restart again as fps kept going down, ram usage kept going up, stuttering so bad live time had fallen 7 minutes behind the actual time. Copy coordinates from little navmap, end process, restart from coordinates, buttery smooth. It does this every day since SU3.

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I’m still getting random fps drops into the low teens and single digits. I dont understand…I have it through steam and only had to download a small 120 something MB patch but my game version is I haven’t seen an update that was a few GB like everyone else? Am I actually still missing the patch?

i had the same experience. I only had 126MB download. Are steam users not getting the full patch?

This is ridiculous…

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Is your OS disk slower than your MSFS disk, in that case?

Pleased to report that since the hotfix my performance has improved dramatically, however, still get the odd stutter but nothing like the slideshow i was getting.

Yes and no.

Windows 10 Pro is installed on a combo drive. I have a new system. My first physical drive is a 500GB/3TG combo. The 500GB portion is an SSD drive. (Very fast) The 3TB section is mechanical. Windows 10 is in the 500GB SSD. My second drive is a Western Digital Blue SSD 1TB drive. This drive is dedicated for flight sim 2020 and X-Plane 11.5. This is a very fast drive.

So. If flight sim has to access two different physical hard drives for the purpose of caching anything, there will be latency since FS2020 is technically a single thread driven program. (Hence the CPU loading latencies that people are experiencing.) I had this issue prior to update 3. I smoothed things out alot by having the rolling cache file located on the same physical drive that FS2020 is installed.

Since I had done a complete wipe and re-install of FS2020 while troubleshooting the update 3 issues, I had forgotten to move the rolling cache file location back to my dedicated SSD drive. After update my FPS increased again, but the stutters were still there. Then I deleted and moved my cache file to my FS2020 drive, and the stutters stopped. Now the sim is smooth again for me. No pauses or stutters.

Also, try disabling “Full Screen Optimizations” and enabling the “High DPI scaling override” option from the properties menu of the FlightSimulator.exe file located in Program Files/Windows Apps section on the C: drive. I do this for all my games installed through the Windows Store. Makes a big difference on smoothness in my opinion. I let my video card handle all this. Not Windows.

Here are my system specs: (I just built this specifically for FS2020)

  • CyberPowerPC FURION Mid-Tower Gaming Case w/ front/Top & Both Side Tempered Glass + 6X Dual Light Loop 120mm RGB Fans & Controller
  • CPU: Intel® Core™ Processor i9-10980XE Eighteen-Core 3.0GHz (Turbo 4.8GHz) 24.75MB Intel Smart Cache LGA2066 (Quad Channels)
  • CS_FAN: 6X 120mm APEVIA 120mm Addressable RGB 1200RPM Fans w/ Hub + Remote Controller
  • FAN: CyberPowerPC DEEPCOOL Castle 120EX ARGB 120mm AIO Liquid CPU Cooling System w/ Copper Cold Plate (Single Standard 120MM Fan)
  • HDD: 512GB ADATA XPG ASX6000LNP PCIe NVMe + 3TB SATA III Hard Drive Combo [+102] (Combo Drive)
  • HDD2: 1TB WD Blue Series SATA-III 6 GB/s SSD - Seq R/W: Up to 545/525 MB/s, Rnd R/W up to 100/80k [+6] (Single Drive)
  • MEMORY: 32GB (8GBx4) DDR4/3000MHz Quad Channel Memory (ADATA XPG Z1)
  • MOTHERBOARD: GIGABYTE GA-X299 UD4 PRO ATX w/ RGB, Digital LED Support, USB 3.1, 5 PCIe x16, 8 SATA3, 2 M.2 SATA/PCIe [Intel Optane Ready]
  • OS: Windows 10 Pro (64-bit Edition)
  • POWERSUPPLY: 1,000 Watts - Standard 80 Plus Gold Power Supply
  • VIZIO 40" 4K Class V-Series HDR 10 with Dolby Vision Smart TV V405-H model
  • Cable Creation DP to HDMI M Cable (4K/60Hz+HDR) (To get full 4K)
  • 3 HAIWAY 10.5" mini monitors
  • CH Products FS Yoke, Throttle Quadrant, Rudder Pedals
  • Nvidia Driver version: 457.30 (This driver is the best for FS2020 at this point on my system)
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I thought the issues were resolved (and they seem better in places), but last night flying into Seattle Intl, the Sim would freeze every second for 1-2 seconds at a time while landing. The sim was fine until I got low (5000 to 1000) over the city, and then it just stopped performing. Performance seemed fine until overtop of buildings.

8700k running at 5.1Ghz
Nvidia 3090 Asus Strix overclocked
1TB NVME as the game drive.
32GB Ram 3600Mhz

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No change with the reinstall…

Last night I had the memory runaway bug twice again, creating stutters which affect the time as well. First time after 3 hours of flying, slowly tanking fps and memory going up. When the sim had fallen 7 minutes behind (accumulated) the real time I ended the process, restarted the sim in the exact same spot (coordinates) to be greeted by smooth fps again with half the memory usage.

The second time it happened (2.5 hours later) I set terrain detail to 10 and over the next half hour it slowly recovered, memory usage down and I could switch back to terrain detail 100 without further issues. Maybe reducing the workload fixed the problem or I was out of the problem area.

I was flying over northeast Russia at the time, not much there in terms of detail. Low detail mountains with snow cover and trees. It’s likely the tree generation that causes the sim to fall behind at some point as it’s always in areas with big forests when fps starts tanking and memory starts creeping up.

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