Performance with RTX 4070 Ti Super and 5800X3D

Hi! Does anyone have the combo from the title? If yes, how many FPS do you average? I saw this video on YT and it seems like the CPU is bottlenecking at 1440p. If that’s the case, can the sim be optimized in some way? I’m asking because I already have the 5800X3D and my 4070 Ti Super should be delivered in a couple of days.

Have a look at this video for an approach to balancing your CPU/GPU loading. Don’t think its possible to prevent the CPU from bottle-necking altogether, but you should be able to tune to get the most out of your GPU just at the point the CPU starts to bottleneck.

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Thanks for sharing, I’ll take a look.

I can’t speak to your exact config, but mine is very similar (5800XD3 and 3090 Ti.)

I run 4K on a single monitor, with a pretty optimized set of graphic options. I mostly need to limit AI traffic to maintain a high level of performance and fidelity.

My baseline is 90 fps/12ms latency flying the Bonanza G36 Improvement Project over simple terrain like a desert. I limit framerate to 90 in RSS, and if I turn it off I can get >100 fps - but there’s really no point.

Am I CPU-limited in that simple situation? Yes, but the limitation is due to the unoptimized, inefficient code of the current sim. Once FS2024 hits, I believe we’ll see much less CPU bottlenecking (because of improved multi-core, multi-threaded code) and the focus will shift more to GPU (and internet) bottlenecking.

Having said all that, in a more complex airport, in more challenging texture realms, I see my GPU starting to become more saturated. As JaxxZA just said, the key is to find the balance point, where (in dev mode) you see rapid switching in the ‘Limited By’ section between ‘Main Thread’ and ‘GPU.’ That tells you your system is balanced and performing as well as it can, given the parameters you’ve defined.

Here’s another video that I’ve found very helpful. It plainly shows you how to optimize your graphics settings for the best balance of performance/visual fidelity.


Thanks for the reply! So basically, it’s tweaking time until FS2024 is released.

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That’s my take on it. I hope we’re right…

Just received my Asus RTX4070 TI Super 2 days ago.
I’m flying VR Quest 3
Today flight from KJFK to KIAD
On ground FPS between 41-44
After Take off FPS 48-51 in clouds
On Top FPS 58-65
All on HIGH Clouds on Ultra
On a 2K screen 1440 DLSS Quality
On TOP clouds FPS up to 110-115 developer mode !!!

Fully agreed! This is why I’m holding off on any upgrades until 2024 debuts. I just see too many anomolies at present to justify an upgrade, such as weird CPU spikes, weird GPU spikes, then on the next load in, all normal… and the cycle continues.

I’m on a 3070 with a 5800X3D and it more than meets my needs for 1440p at this current time. I’m usually a ‘skip a gen guy’ anyway.

My wallet prays… :sweat_smile:

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Silly me thinking I’ll get the best performance by just installing the new GPU and letting GeForce Experience optimize everything… but I guess that just shows how unoptimized the current sim is.

Have you learned nothing? :rofl:

This sim demands that you spend 85% of your time tweaking every aspect of your computer’s hardware, software, and voodooware to get it to to run smoothly.

NEVER rely on anything that claims to ‘automatically’ optimize your flight sim experience. That is guaranteed to have you cursing the sim gods, whilst simultaneously questioning your recent purchases of magical components that were supposed to easily make everything just purrrrfect. :wink:


Amen to that. I “treated myself” to a Quest 3 the week before Xmas, and it totally put a kibosh on any “flying for fun” I could do until literally the weekend just gone. 5 weeks of tweaking, fiddling and testing — trying this and that. Going in circles and back again. Finally sorted (I hope!!) and boy was it worth it!! But yeah this sim is a royal pain. I so hope 2024 has more headroom. But knowing what us incessant optimisers and tweakers are like we will still find a way to push it over the knife edge. “Right, it can do this now, surely it can do a bit more then. Nope, nope it can’t!”

Basically @zvucnik you need to go through the pain. Load into a “worst case scenario” and tweak / balance until you have it smooth — then don’t touch anything ever again :slight_smile:

Key thing is don’t be too greedy with settings. It’s a give and take. And Ultra really makes very minimal difference to what you see for most of the settings. Mainly Clouds and Windshield Effects are the only 2 that have a noticeable step up from High. IMO.

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And I just wanted to fly above Manhattan without lags haha. Seems I got a lot of homework when my new GPU arrives.

We might not have to wait until FS2024 gets released to see some nice noticeable improvements. In the latest dev Q+A they said sim update 15 has some big memory optimisation changes as a result of work that they’re doing on FS2024. They’re bringing those changes to FS2020 in the next sim update.

They said it should help with VR performance too.

I’ve got a 5800X3D with a 3080. I don’t have any plans to upgrade anytime soon. I’ll see what FS2024 brings. I can’t see myself rushing out to buy a 5080 when they’re launched. My hardware will need to do me a little while yet.

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As a tweaker addict, that made me laugh… :laughing:

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Well yeah definitely not speaking for myself there sadly :rofl:

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I feel stupid saying this, but… I’ve had a Reverb G2 for almost a year now, and I still haven’t started setting it up, as I’ve been entirely focused on my 2D cockpit.

Glad to hear you got your Quest 3 sorted. That looks like a good choice.

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It’s a deep rabbit hole with a lot of twisting and crossing paths, all in the dark. That analogy worked better than expected lol

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This sounds promising! Also the good thing is, the update should be here in arount a month.

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I really do hope things stabilise for VR. I’ve got my G2 looking and performing really well at the moment. I sit on the fence with VR as an over all experience. Amazing when it all comes together but a total pain in the proverbial for the rest of the time. You’re always convince you’re one Nvidia or sim or openXR toolkit setting away from the dream of a fluid VR experience that just works when you want it.

It’s bottlenecked because the LOD’s are way too high for that CPU. I have the 5800x3d and have to keep my TLOD around 150, and OLOD around 80 if I also want AI traffic flying around. Side note, these demo videos need to show the traffic settings as well exactly for this reason, so we have a better idea of how the CPU is loaded.