Perpetual beginner, perpetual frustration: can't get rolling, can't stay flying

Every few months I take a few hours to try to get FS working. I’m now actively pursuing my private pilot license, I thought I would have this up and running months ago. I have the Honeycomb yoke and rudder.
I went to flight training, and in Attitudes & Instruments, it drones on about the controls while 1) the “instructor has the controls” and 2) it flies me into the ground.
Then I went to Take-Off & Level Flight, and I sit there trying to move on to the runway: I can set and release the parking brake (I can look down and see the lever), I can crank the engine up (with F3: I don’t have a throttle quadrant… I don’t seem to be able to crank it back down with F1 or F2 though…), but the plane doesn’t move, although the airspeed indicator claims I’m doing 100 knots (I suppose that’s the Pitot tube placement or something?).
Anyway: this is frustrating, I’ve been messing with this forever. I’ve watched some Youtubes, I’ll watch more, I don’t have 20 hours just to try to get to the runway, any ideas?
Thanks, hoping I don’t have to put this away for another 3 months for lack of progress… but if it’s not helping me, I can’t dabble with it forever.
Sorry for all the complaining!

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Right now there’s a bug with the in-game flying lessons.

I think a better resource right now is the ‘Flying lessons C152’ series that @Jummivana has been doing with Forder. They’re a really good resource for a beginner, there’s study material and loads of extra info in the streams.

Hi, this is known issue as @MortThe2nd pointed out. There is also a workaround for it by using the trim wheel in this topic:

I think one of you might have called/messaged me, but I don’t have a mike on my computer right now so you couldn’t hear me. I could hear you. Oh well.
I actually need the real-time control experience from FS: I’m already doing real ground school, plus real flying. I don’t pretend this is going to replace that, just supplement it I hope.
Sorry that I seem really techno-illiterate with all this, I’m not but these are not my areas of expertise (games, nor discord/this forum, apparently).

does that mean you think I’m trolling or something? really, I’m not. And, i’ve hooked up my camera & mike now, so I can handle a call I think (untested). OTOH I am beginning to think that, if you aren’t just interested in the pretty scenery and want to practice controls, maybe x-plane is easier to get working? I don’t know, this has just been frustrating.

If you’re already doing flight lessons, then I would suggest just picking a random airport, set clear skies for weather, and just take off and go for it.
If you’re already in a real plane, the in-game tutorials probably don’t bring too much for you.

Just spawn on the runway, open up the throttle and fly.

I think that this thread might have helped me realize that my engine wasn’t on: when it said “Instructor has controls”, I guess I assume the engine is running! But I think it wasn’t, since I had it off on my yoke. So I think I just glided down to the ground. Maybe

Yes! I actually got it flying. Keyboard throttle control sort of sucks: it reacts slowly, so I tend to overcontrol while I’m waiting for it to do anything. Still though, this is workable. Thanks! I don’t think I know how to get past the can’t-start-rolling problem (since I already had the engine properly working on that one), but I’ll try youtube etc.

If you spawn on the runway (outside of the tutorials), normally the parking brake is set. Make sure to release that before you open up the throttle.

cool, thanks. Yeah, I think I was expecting help somehow, but now that I’ve got it working, I can put it to use. great

great, thanks. Especially since the instructors don’t seem to trust the parking brakes on the C172’s at my flight school, and never use them. Just both brakes pressed to the floor

My apologies earlier, I admit I was wrong and very rude. I Jumped to conclusion, glad you got your problem sorted


yeah, this is awesome, I just flew out of my home airport at night and am about to enter a Class B airport (inside the SFRA, which means I would probably get a jet ■■■■■■ about now without radios…). However, Pause (which seemed to work before) doesn’t seem to work now, so I’m just hoping I don’t die while I type this. OTOH, I figured out how to use the trim and it works perfectly, so my straight & level is straightened out…
I mean, I know these are baby steps, but any progress is welcome

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that is really funny what it bleeped out

so… there does seem to be a lot of control glitchiness. Is that normal? For example, I just landed, and as I was coming in I hit F1, which I thought moved the throttle to idle (it seems to have done that before). Now, it kept trying to jump back to full throttle. as I’m typing this I realize I may have turned on autopilot while I was trying to get camera controls to work: would that have that effect? The throttle controls, and trim sometimes, seem sort of touch-and-go: sometimes they work just barely ok, other times not at all.
Thanks, I think I’m at the point that I can thrash around and get the general idea, and come back with ever-so-slightly smarter questions.

Controlling with a keyboard will always include a bit of jankyness. I strongly advise trying to pick up a basic joystick (preferably with a throttle slider) on the cheap, maybe second hand. There should be a couple of affordable options available (supply permitting).

In general, make sure you have all Co-pilot assists disabled (captains hat icon from the top bar while in the plane). This way you can be sure that any adjustments made are your own.
The autopilot (if available in your plane) will not adjust the throttle for you. The AI co-pilot might though.

Thanks. Yes, keyboard seems janky. I’m already using a Honeycomb yoke and rudders, so I don’t think I should add a joystick to that? I actually tried two second-hand joysticks earlier and had really weird problems, I couldn’t sort out if they were broken or I was! Anyway, my yoke finally arrived. However, there’s a bunch of actions that I don’t seem to be able to map to it, like flaps and throttle. I do however have a question to that effect posted elsewhere, so I don’t mean to be repetitive.

if you already have the Honeycomb yoke (alpha I think it’s called), maybe the better path would be to get a throttle control. A joystick won’t help you there.
When you were talking about keyboard controls I assumed you were flying only with mouse and keyboard. There’s a couple of options, but (as you’re probably familiar with from your Honeycomb Alpha purchase) those will come at a price.

In the mean time please make sure the AI co-pilot isn’t making changes to your controls as I wrote in my previous post.

@keepincalmok FSFlyingSchool may help you out. It’s payware, but you can try the free demo to see if you like it first :slight_smile:

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