Phenom 300E

Anyone know if this is being developed by anyone? I found a thread on here which had a nice looking one about 90% complete then poof… shutdown.

Along with the Honda Jet this would be amazing to have in the SIM, specially since it’s already been made in previous sims this would be good to use in MSFS for let’s say a BizJet VA.

Who else wants/is hoping for a Phenom 300E to come to MSFS?


I wonder if it’s on Carenados todo list & if so I hope it’s the 300E vs the one they’ve released in others sims

So Ouroboros Jets (group that making the freeware EJets) is making the Phenom 100 as a small side project with a GA dedicated team. I know it’s not the 300, but still a Phenom is in the works.

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Ay that’s good news :ok_hand:t3:

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I wish / hope Aerobask would bring their Phenom 300 from Xplane11 to MSFS 2020, its amazing.


One has been released now -

I haven’t bought it yet, so no opinion to offer.

Quote from the SimMarket page:


  • Highly detailed model with full cabin and working exit/door
  • Standard Asobo G3000 navigation system
  • VR ready
  • CJ4 flight model

So basically they want our money to fly reskined free plane. Captain Sim hallo ?


Oh God, spare us such products and its release :frowning:

Squawkcode cannot be entered!
Map range 5nm cannot be changed!
Engines cannot be switched off -and so on - exactly nothing works there
30 € thrown out the window…

Thank you SIM FEDERATION - have fun with my money - I will delete your product again immediately


I also bought the Phenom and until things eventually will be fixed it will stay in the hangar. Me so desperate to fly any other bizjet than the CJ4 but I should have wait and save my money instead :roll_eyes:
I had some hope that the default G3000 would be replaced by the WT one but unfortunatly I was wrong. If someone could mod this plane to replace the default G3000 I would be really happy!

The fact that only the standard G3000 is used wouldn’t bother me now, but if basic functions simply don’t work, it’s simply an impertinence to offer such a product for sale.

Yes I totally agree with you! This plane shure needs more love and I hope it won’t be abandoned by the developer.

Why is this not possible? That doesn’t quite make sense to me. Can’t you just add the mod to your community folder and it works with whatever plane has the G3000?

The default G3000 will eventually be replaced by WorkingTitle.

In this aircraft you mean? Unless they have the G3000 locked somehow, I don’t understand how we can’t just use the WT mod now. It even works in stock sim aircraft.

Yes you can use the addon, but eventually there will be no addon and it will be standard.

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Ah okay. If you can use the WT mod with this airplane I might get it. I don’t understand the comment above about not being able to enter a squawk code or shut down the engines, though.

Have you flown this? What do you think of it? I couldn’t care less that it is the CJ4 flight model, if I can use the WT G3000 and the systems work, I’m good.


Because if it uses the CJ4 flight model, it’s not using the Phenom 300 flight model…

Simple. It’s a pass for me.

Edit: How hard is it to put in a little work and make the flight model realistic. Lazy developer IMO.


Yeah I understand that part, and that doesn’t bother me. It seems some people are saying rather important things don’t work though, which would be a different story. Half the time, though, these are just user issues and not sim/addon issues. I’d just like to know what is true before laying out $30 for this.

Yeah, I am certainly not buying this if all these issues are true. There are plenty of aircraft with good fidelity coming on the horizon to pollute the sim with any more junky stuff. :wink:

Visually, it looks decent from the pics. Will continue monitoring this thread.

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