Photogrammetry Bandwidth Warning Breaks Game

I can’t fly more than 5 minutes because the “bandwidth too low to stream” warning pop-up and breaks the game.

What happens is it will pop up but my mouse cursor disappears so I cannot click “ignore”

So I use the keyboard to make it go away but now my plane will be frozen in the air with the sim still running (propellers still spinning etc) just like it does when you use active pause…the only problem is there no way to un-pause the plane. It’s just stuck. Only option is to end the flight.

having the same issue, only recently though.

Thanks for sharing! I thought I was crazy


Yes it is a nightmare, in VR sudenly you are stuck when this stupid popup appears. Plz let le user decide if he wants or not to stream the big data once for all. I am fine to have sometimes unloaded terrain texture of elevation data when my connexion temporaly declines. This is game breaking.


Yes, the only way to recover is to enable dev mode and use the menu bar resume option. Doing that then also deletes your logbook record.

The most frustrating part is that no one at Asobo is aware of these issues. We have to wait months for topics to gain enough votes before someone will help us out.