Photogrammetry is cutting my FPS by over half lately - anyone have any idea what's happening?

This appears to be a new thing, within the past 5 or so days. I’ve been noticing horrible framerates and thought it was being cause by something else but it wasn’t. Did some testing today and found the culprit. Look at the screenshots below. I’ve tested at JFK and Newark and same results. With photogrammetry on my FPS is dropped to 20-22fps and with it off I’m getting 43+fps. Other less dense areas I get higher FPS. I am running in 4K Ultra (I lowered the screenshot res to reduce file size) I have an RTX 3080 video card and i9-10900 CPU and when I check system resources I’m seeing not even half of both my GPU and CPU are being used. And as you can see from the screenshots the photogrammetry quality is HORRIBLE!! What’s going on?

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Yeah Ive been seeing the same thing. Its like its capped at 16fps during daylight hours here, then at night, say after 1700 all of a sudden Bam a glorious 26 fps. If I start early enough in the morning I get the same thing. I fire up a flight at 5 am and am at 26 fps , comeback after 800 and bam 16 fps again.

Just gave the other sim’s new version a try, everything turned up, and 26 fps no problem for the 15 min test flight. Not quite as pretty, but I didnt loose massive fps trying to land and so far it has been consistent.

Photogrammetry objects in large cities like New York are particiularly hard on the main thread, which is what’s slowing you down according to your screenshots. Consider decreasing the “Terrain LOD” setting and see if that helps.

Note that something like task manager’s total percentage usage for the CPU is not a very useful figure – it’s not the total usage that really bogs you down; it’s usually the main thread that’s limiting and a 100% full main thread might show only a few % points of your total on a many-core machine.

Also, see general advice around the forum on things like making sure your memory is configured correctly (use the XMPP configuration for RAM speed in the BIOS!) and trying with HyperThreading disabled (which some folks find improves performance because HT/SMT can sometimes force the main thread to run against other background threads, slowing it down in busy areas).

As for the quality, note that you’re looking at dockside cranes which are a structure type known to be poorly captured by the photogrammetry. It gets better when you look at buildings :slight_smile:

Try experimenting with Texture Resolution = Med or High. Changing this setting requires a restart of the sim, however, when you change the Graphics Preset it will sometimes not prompt you for a restart. FYI.

Then why doesn’t Asobo move the task off the main thread? Everyone here is using multicore CPU’s, the load should be distributed more efficiently across cores or put to a core other than the main one.

I use additional tools such as CPU-Z and SpeedFan

I have the memory configured properly. It’s 32gb running at 3200mhz 16-18-18-38 timing XMP profile 1. I’m an IT Tech for a living :slight_smile: I haven’t tried with HT off but I don’t want to disable that just for MSFS and what I would imagine would be a tiny improvement in FPS.

And yeah you’re right about the cranes, but I’ve also found many photogrammetry buildings look poor. London for example looks atrocious.

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(Real answer: they do spread a lot of work over the other cores, but not all of it, and that still leaves a bottleneck. It takes real-world work to improve the large existing codebase.)

Yes, all of them will show you the same thing.

Good, glad you have the memory set right! It’s a common error. I do recommend trying with HT off; you may be pleasantly surprised. If it’s not a significant improvement, switch it back - no harm done.

London is notorious, alas. :wink: