Photogrammetry isn't quite there yet

It looks nice at 4-5k altitude but lower it starts to look ugly. PG seems to make trees and bushes out of everything that is green, guess even green cars become bushes. NY looks like it has been abandoned like 100 years ago, vegetation took over most of the city. Ships an yachts look like they got hit by a bomb or something, extremely awkwardly shaped. Cities look definately better with PG on but my concern is helicopter flying in the future where the downsides of PG become pretty evident. People wanna land on streets to simulate medical (traffic accident) emergencies or perform rooftop landings and stuff. So ideally they write a routine (if possible) that removes all ships, trees and bushes from PG and replace them with their autogen counterparts. I guess the problem would persist because of false identification of things, i hope they get it done somehow in the future.

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Well, it’s not GTA or Forza IV at ground level, it’s a flight sim and not a dedicated helicopter sim either (or glider sim yet, sigh).

Personally I love the way I can fly over my home town (Hobart, Tasmania) or especially Rome, Venice or Florence near sunset in a Pitts Special and lean out of the cockpit with TrackIR to get a clearer view and just zoom around the Colosseum or race down the Tiber. I can lean over and look down and wheel around courtyards in Rome at rooftop height and it’s just awesome.

I can do the same in real life with my real (rc model) planes with a video camera onboard and that’s great (if not as sharp) but I can’t do that in Rome or wherever, so this sim for me is fantastic and will only get better. From flying a dot on a chessboard map world in my first flight simulator to this is like science fiction.

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That’s probably why they’re currently adding aerial images from airplanes rather than satellites to give the AI better images to work with.

Actually I think that’s is pretty good for Helicopters as well as fixed wing, rooftop level flying.

What helicopters?

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