Photogrammetry not working and and the offline ad is repeated many times

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Microsoft Store
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Cant turn on the photogrammetry and the low bandwidth and connection lost ad showing too much
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Enable photogrammetry in a flight

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RTX 2060, I5 10400, 16 GB RAM, LAN cable

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Latest, Like on Tuesday, 3 days ago

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So hey, I am having some problems since Tuesday and it is that one day for another my photogrammetry stopped working, I do not know what happened but every time I activate it I get the announcement of no connection many times repeated and then I get connected correctly and thus, the strange thing is that the weather in Real-time if it works and also the online traffic, but every time I try to activate the photogrammetry I get that my connection is not enough, etc. I’m in the Microsoft store version, I have the latest update, a good internet with fiber optic and LAN cable, RTX 2060, i5 10400, 16GB RAM, and I think I meet all the requirements, the strange thing is that since Tuesday it started to fail and I don’t know what happens. I hope someone can help me. Also, I already did a reinstallation of the sim and no addons in the community folder.

PD: I am on the east server, so I take a look at a forum that notices that is only happening to east people, is that true?

Here is saying me that I have low connection and there is an error transmitting data, and my connection is going well.

Here is saying me that I loose completely the connection.

And here finally is saying me that I connect correctly, but does not allow me to turn on the photogrammetry. This is happening always since Tuesday the same process. Disconnection, Connection all over again.

Same to me but I can’t play with my friends or go to the shop for example

really annoying

Yes, affects the whole immersion to the game, without photogrammetry it is horrible

Don’t know what to do really annoying I guess we have to wait

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I hate to say this but I guess we have just to wait until there is hopefully a hotfix to have

Yes, this is a shame from Asobo. :pensive:

This is an awesome game but this bug is absoluetely horrible

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Can’t even use the game properly

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