Bing maps streaming works great on the global map but not as good in the game

i’ve had this problem since the fifth update was released, and the only thing that makes it work well is VPN, but not every VPN, just some of them.

Without VPN, The game constantly takes me to the offline mode, And this has upset me so much …
it constantly says that your internet speed is poor while I have very high quality internet

I did whatever I thought was best, but in the end, VPN still solves the problem, and other than that, it has no solution, at least for me.
I think the consequences of the fifth update are not going to leave us at the moment, but I hope you can do something so that we no longer need to use VPN, as it also consumes more bandwidth.

Please share your opinion so that we can get their attention so that the problem can be solved faster

Does the sun rise in the East and set in the West in Bing maps too? and how well does your Bing aircraft fly in Bing weather?

There have been many threads opened with this issue. Sadly it is not a huge portion of the users having this problem. While it may not be huge it is still a sizable portion. It’s hard to get attention to it because there are a lot of threads but only few comment on them, All the threads need to be consolidated so this situation will hopefully get more attention.

Everything seems to be working fine on the main map
I’ve not seen any particular problem so far…

The problem only starts in the game, When it wants to stream bing maps, it uses very little bandwidth, while in the main map, it uses full bandwidth…

That’s why I use VPN in the game

Suggest you contact one of the moderators dorectly who can look at combining these

I don’t really follow what you are trying to say but assuming you understand the difference between 2D and 3D you are still not accounting for A.I. objects, buildings and trees etc. Delete your caches and unplug your internet and your barren Earth will run very smooth.

I have exactly the same experience. I know my Internet speed is not very fast, at around 15-25 Mbps, but prior to sim update 5 I had not received any bandwidth warning messages. I have photogrammetry switched off. Now I experience them for just about every flight. Few if I fly in the afternoon, I live in Portugal, and many warnings if I fly in the evening. Strangely, not all the warnings result in the Internet being switched off, sometimes it is and sometimes not. What is really annoying is the bandwidth message, which takes over the whole screen, ruins the immersion of flight, and on around 40% of flights causes all the ground objects, aircraft vehicles etc to fly up into the air and then crash down onto the ground, and then results in no ground surface scenery being displayed for several minutes. Basically it wrecks the Sim. It seems the achilies heel of this simulator is its total reliance on the Internet servers.

check your dm

If you use the same airports and regular routes you should consider a manual cache. Just last night (around the time they were fixing facebook) I lost the net for half an hour just as I was about to set off… I loaded a saved flight over cached Wuppertal in the Solo instead and I really enjoyed following along the schwebebahn route in the much improved windy conditions.

Thanks guys for the advice.
I’m going to try a VPN tonight and see how that goes.
I like to try different routes, so cant really manually download all of them. I have tried to use the manual cache, but half the time it crashes the sim when i hit download. I assume that this was another Sim update issue that might get fixed later this month. Sometimes it works fine, but I’m not really sure whether it does achieve anything.

Yep tried that. They don’t like me. Was ignored.

It certainly achieves things with Photogrammetry otherwise not so much altough it also seems to stop any ‘popping in’ … Last night when outside my HQ cache area everything looked like wigwam city. In it it was perfect.

A tip for those using it:- select a single square in the middle of the screen and keep dragging the screen along your route marking a single square each time always in the middle of the screen. This gives you an accurate skeleton to join together and expand your width as neccesary. Don’t expect too much magic outside of PG areas though because lots will be missing.

Been a week since I last tried. Figured I’d try again. Still nothing. I’ve reinstalled the entire sim twice to try to fix this problem. Yikes.