Photogrammetry Problems?

Not sure whether to list this in bugs and issues? Since updates I have had to turn photogrammetry off. Having serious visual problems. Example, flying round Paris or other cities, I get large areas of blank scenery (flat) and then a bank of jumbled up mess, where the edge starts like a cliff face! The photogrammetry in the cities was fine before the latest updates. Any explanation, or should I report this as a bug? Certainly nothing to do with my fast PC or superfast broadband.


Likewise. I had to turn it off as it seems photogametry has stopped working. All my buildings look like they’ve melted. Only since latest update has this happened.

One step forward, two steps back :man_shrugging:


Yes me too, plus i’m finding that my texture settings are changing during flight, I do the ultra setting fix by changing settings from ultra to low end and then back to ultra again etc etc to get ultra textures on buildings…and at the departure airport all is fine…but when I arrive at my destination airport I find the building textures have reverted back to low again…if I do the ultra,low ultra reload again the ultra textures appear again on the buildings .

What a mess

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Same for me. Photogrammetry was fine before WU6 but now buildings are melted blobs.

I’m playing on Series X so its not just a PC issue, which makes me think its a streaming bug.


Same for me on the XBX. A lot more stuttering and frame rate drops since last update. Paris for example looks like it’s been bombed in a war where a lot of the buildings just look like piles of rubble.

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Interesting, I am not seeing any trouble with Photogrammetry at my home base Pensacola, FL USA, KPNS. I wonder if it is only in areas served by particular servers.

Indeed, much more work needs to be done on the PG off buildings. I think PG has had its time, it’s just never right. PG off all the way.

If you can fly over Colombia, you will find many areas blank as snow that before the world update 5 did not exist

Since the most recent update, i.e. over the last two days or so, I get more micro-stutters than before. It seems to be related to scenery loading in, as it seems to stutter as the scenery updates visually on my VR screen. It seems worst during early evening hours here in the US. So, I’m kind of suspecting server overload or other internet speed limitations. This might also explain PG scenery not loading fast enough that you guys are reporting. Maybe it’s worth checking.

BTW I’m not much of a computer expert myself, so I’m not really sure how to check whether the server speed or internet speed is bottle-necking the sim experience. Anyone know how to check that?

Delete and turn off rolling cache > apply & save

Decrease off screen terrain pre-caching settings.
Options > general options > graphics

Probably smths is wrong with your network or ISP.

It has very litte to do with the end users network, ISP, or this strange “rolling cache”.

It´s a more like a problem with data streaming from the Microsoft´s servers. Since day one, the PG has its issues with larger cities. There´s not much you can do about it. This tech is simply not ready yet for a larger stream of massive data parallel to thousands of users.

Maybe in a few years.

San Francisco…


Yeah, I flew around Vienna last night and the photogrammetry was awful. Just blobs of jelly and seemed to take ages to fully load in whilst I was flying around. The draw distance seemed really close and even when it did load, it wasn’t great and kept unloading and reloading again.

My internet connection is only 40 mbs, but that should really be enough and I have 32 gb RAM.

Maybe the servers or my ISP were running a bit slow, but it was not good.

21.09.2021 11:42Z

It depends on the area of the world and how high one flies.
The PG cities that were included with the original release, although I haven’t visited many of them, seem still to be excellent, even while those recently added – Vienna is the best example – are abominations.
But even photogrammetric Vienna looks fairly good from 2500 feet

I’m sorry but there’s just no way that photogrammetry is working properly. And it has nothing to do with being in cities or otherwise.

I’ve just flown Newark to Westchester County which is a tiny airport north of Newark out in rural countryside. Not a city to be found and yet these few farm buildings in the edge of the runway are utterly terrible.

When turned off it’s flat with one building:

When turned on it looks like arson.

Also a few minutes after I stopped using the drone my game crashed back to the Xbox series x Home Screen.


My home town photogrammetry looks great. But a lot of large cities look post apocalyptic. Also those same cities have frame rate issues as well. I’m guessing it’s a server-side issue.

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I think that is what some people call “awful”.

Possible…Here I have another example from today´s flight near Munich

Tbh, I try to avoid those larger areas or use modded PG from Google maps. The ingame PG is simply not useable at the moment.


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