[UNDER INVESTIGATION] No streaming data working, photogrammetry and bing maps just stopped working

use a vpn …

I tried with a vpn. Didnt work.

Why would vpn work if bing server is down?

It really hurts my eyes without the right data.

mine works with any vpn no matter what server …
im in the middle east …


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Not sure its the Bing server which is down. Although the data originally comes from Bing from what I can understand it goes through some pretty complex processing before it hits our simulators. There’s obviously a link in the server chain somewhere which for some people is effecting things.

I’ve not had a good day with msfs. Updated Hong Kong city times via the store marketplace and now won’t load into hk as it crashes to desktop, Tried for 5 hours without any luck. So I had enough and wanted to go for a fly on my usual route and looked awful. What a ■■■■ day for msfs

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No Bing data for 2 days now.

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I have this problem since friday, 4 days!!


This is not good news

well… two weeks for me on xbox

i don’t think i have ever seen a ping that high! that’s 24days…

Good job I did not buy the pilotplus Bristol airport today.

It looks like the problem is with one or more of the front-end servers not connecting users to the graphics servers. There are one or more front-end servers working correctly which is why some users are getting graphics detail when others cannot. Users cannot do or change anything on their system to fix or workaround this problem. Restarting MSFS may or may not connect you to a working server.


Hi friends - I’ve been watching this topic since it started. I’ve flown in MSFS probably 10 times and have not seen this issue.

If there’s anything I can provide to help you all, let me know.

MSFS Store version, 441 addons (I know, I have an addiction), US East server, No live/no AI traffic, rolling cache 32Gb.

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same issue here for 2-3 days.

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Its interesting that some of us are getting repeated CDT without getting anywhere near a flight started. Looks like something in the sim is not happy that its not getting its correct data so just crashes out.

Its very frustrating.


Just tried with a VPN, didn’t work.

Hello everyone,

The developers are aware of this issue and are actively working on a solution at this moment. We will post more information as it becomes available. I am closing this thread for now as no further reports are required.



Hi all,

Yesterday we identified the issue within Bing servers causing the low photogrammetry. Some adjustments have been made overnight but we are still working on this issue and hope to have it fully resolved by World Update 6 (September 7th). Please vote in this thread if you have seen an improvement to your photogrammetry.

If you were experiencing no streaming data over the past several days, is it now working as intended?
  • Yes, it works now
  • No, it is still broken

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