Physical version of Flight Simulator asking to insert disc 1 at startup

I would like to know if there is a way to avoid Flight sim asking to insert disc 1 at every startup ?
I have the physical version but I have also entered my licence key and I thought it was sufficient.

Do you know if there is a workaroud for this ?

Thank you

Il faut simplement mettre le contenu du DVD N° 1 sur une clé usb et laisser la clé en permanence sur le PC. On peut cependant retirer les fichiers compressés pour utiliser une clé plus petite. 1Go suffit.

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Google translated for those needing an English version :+1:

You just have to put the contents of DVD N ° 1 on a usb key and leave the key permanently on the PC. However, compressed files can be removed to use a smaller key. 1GB is enough.

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A good work around but is the game going to be patched to stop asking for a disc?