Physics Model Needs an Overhaul (ASAP)

I agree. For some reason turbulence in a 747 doesn’t feel much different from an Xcub. The big planes shake like GA aircraft.

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Interesting! That could be a possible long term strategy.

Add the funfact on top of this, that going inverted instantly reverts any icing effects on your plane…
Its a game, not a sim…

I appreciate your input, but I agree with @Nijntje91 here. I’ve flown the 172 in real life, and although the basic characteristics are solid, things like flaps and P-factor are very off. When I first took off in the 172, the P-factor and torque were so strong that I almost went off the runway. In FS2020 you barely need rudder input. I think the title was pretty self-explanatory and fair. It feels like they haven’t developed a new physics model at all. At this point it’s more of a re-development, or overhaul than an improvement.

Happy flying

Both in fact

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What? Maybe present some examples. Other than some of the available unbound commands, (not normally exposed) not functioning, yet, when creating custom binding. I have not encountered a “default” binding that did not function as expected.

This is where we need to push Asobo. We have discussed, ad nauseum, the shortcomings of the default aircraft. I doubt we will ever come to a consensus on that. The reality is that the default aircraft are nothing more than filler.

Asobo needs to concentrate on developing a solid environment for the coming replacements for our default hanger queens. This includes both environmental effects and the exposure of the physics algorithms to the SDK. Of course stability of the program itself and the consistency of the currently implemented features needs some tlc. (weather, traffic, etc.)

No-one with real world experience, that wants a “real world experience” with this sim will be anywhere near content until we have aircraft in the hanger that behave as real aircraft behave. Each of those will have been painstakingly created, massaged, tweaked and retweaked to achieve that. Developers that specialize in that kind of work should be given the tools they need create those masterpieces. That is Asobo’s job. Create an outstanding platform for the ‘real’ aircraft to thrive. In a year or so, no-one will care if the default aircraft have the right “feel”.


most of the GA aircraft and flying VFR are incredibly realistic and perform as they do (or close enough) in real life. Airliners need work, 3rd party devs will fix that and some other hiccups here and there, all being ironed out though, it’s an excellent sim compared to the old ones, give it 2-3 years and it will be the best ever I have no doubts.

so many people on these forums complaining and I would wager 90%+ have never operated an aircraft.


I hate to say this to start but I fly in real life. The original post is quite accurate. I will say this, out of the box I think the default aircraft are better than I have seen in any other Microsoft Sim (Never used X plane recreationally).

One major annoyance and a big miss here is crosswinds, and wind in general on take off and landing. If there is any sort of crosswind, in the sim the airplane turns into the wind in a VERY excessive way. To the point where you can easily go off the side of the runway. Also, landing in crosswinds feel very unrealistic. It generally feels as though at a certain speed the airplanes lack any “weight” and the wind takes hold. They need to fix this.




Incredibly realistic? You need zero rudder to fly coordinated in flight, I don’t call that realistic. On the ground some rudder is required but this disappears when airborne. The biggest problem is the lack of propeller effects, it makes all planes essentially behave like jets, no rudder required and slow deceleration when you chop the power. I have flown the Kingair in real life, that plane is the biggest joke of them all…

Also, try to stall the Cessna with power off, keep the elevator full up and keep using ailerons, the aircraft stays perfectly controllable even when rocking the wings using full aileron input, its just not possible to exceed local angle of attack using ailerons and cause a wing drop (same on the TBM, didn’t check the rest).

I have done that manoever in real life when I was an instructor, its a fine balance to keep descending controllably, stalled with elevator full up. A little too much rudder or applied for too long, or not keeping the ailerons neutral and it will immediately drop a wing.

So no, anything but realistic…


From a basic systems and normal flying perspective with GA aircraft it’s more realistic then any of the other sims out there… I agree with what you are saying, I find it much easier to fly in sim then I do in real life in a lot of ways… a lot more then just what you have pointed out lol

I guess if the bar is “real life” then sure it’s not real life… I should have been more specific “incredibly realistic, for a flight sim”.

the developers also need to balance real life flying with consumer expectations too and I feel people should understand this. Let’s be honest, if every single person to fire up MSFS2020 needed the knowledge and skills it takes to fly an actual aircraft in real life, most of these people would shelf the sim and we would never get a good flight sim made ever again.

Your last point is a good one for sure, however the sim was marketed as a sim… and it was marketed to be realistic. I think there should be the option for people to turn the realism way down, and have aids in the sim to help them learn for sure. But then in a fully realistic mode it should be tough and suitable to real pilots. It is a work in progress, I am hopeful they will make the changes down the line.


Even FSX (and FS9 and probably before)had propeller slipstream effect modeled, if you don’t want realism there was this autorudder function.

Oh and talking about systems the G1000 in FSX had more functionality and the flight director works. The lateral flight director mode doesn’t work on any MSFS aircraft with autopilot off, it keeps commanding wings level no matter the active mode…

Other than graphics, FS2020 is a downgrade from FSX in the current state.


Ya makes sense, I mean you typically do get better flight models and features from 3rd party developers. That’s what they do, Asobo will make changes, I’m impressed with what they have done already. And some high quality 3rd party content will come out eventually and hopefully some people can chill out a bit.

I’d hardly call it false advertising, all things considered, if I couldn’t fly a 172 and I had to pick between two passengers to land the thing. one passenger has 100+ hours on MSFS2020 in the 172 and the other has zero experience. I’m picking the sim guy and chances are he’ll get that plane on the ground given his understanding from the sim.


I’m sorry but I doubt you’re a pilot in real life otherwise you wouldn’t make these comments. If you think that this game is the closest you can get to simulate the physics of flight in real life then you never used xplane or dcs.


You are entitled to your opinion. :man_shrugging:

Also ya I have never played Xplane. maybe it’s super good I don’t know. came straight from FSX.

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in FSX your plane fly’s around like it’s on elevated train tracks you can’t be serious.


Yes I’m not saying the FSX model is any good, just better than MSFS in the current state.

X-plane is indeed 1000 times better physics wise, its unfortunate we got spoiled with the nice MSFS graphics now so it is hard to start-up X-plane but for anything else than graphics I’ll choose X-plane.

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fair enough, well I’m sure improvements will keep rolling out and hopefully it gets to a state everyone is more or less happy with.


If I remember well Asobo had a position open for a flight model programmer or developer on their careers page, that is now gone so hopefully soon we will start to see some improvements.
They also posted some new positions today.