Pilatus PC 21 flight manual?

Anyone know where I can find the flight manual for this aircraft? Startup procedures and what not.

It’s an old gen PC21 current procedures will not fit. Pretty simply in real life it’s hit auto start, wait till 13% NG and crack the throttle over the gate into idle.

Ah bummer. Should have figured since I couldn’t find anything on the webs. Thank you though.

Only speaking from real world experience, just hit Ctrl+e it’s about as easy as the real deal.

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Moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft as this is likely a ported FSX version as Iris hasn’t released their native version for MSFS.

Does anyone know how to adjust the rubber trim tab? The command does not seem to work

Is the plane any good? Is it worth buying? So little info on it.

It’s better after the update that’s for sure. It’s fun to fly, but there are still some buttons that don’t work.

That depends on your definition of “worth buying”… If it’s to zoom around? Sure, maybe… no idea. If you are looking for a nicely done high-fidelity aircraft, this developer doesn’t do those. So, I cannot answer your question for you.


can anyone help me by telling me where the button is to remove the ai pilot in the plane cant seeem to find out where it is thanks