Pilot Hours and Logbook reset to a week ago after Servers were down

Thanks, trying the RESET button. At first, I was worried this would uninstall the game, but there is an UNINSTALL button directly below the RESET button, so it must be different.

Ok, MSFS is starting back up again. I did see a window popup before checking for updates that said syncing data. Now Installation Manager with 153GiB update :o uh oh. So it has the initial installation from the Windows Store, but needs the full installation afterwards after starting the game, like it had never done it.

Ok, not waiting a day for that. Going back to my December image backup. Thanks, though.
Changed my mind, system is set up how I want it, except for flight simulator, and don’t want to go thru reinstalling everything else again. Will just have it re-download msfs.

OK, so it did the 153gb in like 3 hours? surprise! So fast when everyone else is not downloading it too. Now the log: There are logbook entries starting last August to February 22. BUT missing any entries between 12/13 and 2/14. So two months are gone who knows where.

Always backup C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\SystemAppData\wgs\ folder (for MS Store version)
This folder with subfolders contain all informations about you SIM.

  • Controller profiles
  • Sim settings (with window position and location, everything)
  • Your logbook
  • Your achievments
  • Your progress

If something gonna wrong - you can recover to last state.


Hi Edward. Sorry for the RESET method not working as I expected. I really didn’t test it. If you have 153GB to download, it’s beyond my expectation and I am really sorry for that. :frowning:

I filed a ticket with Zendesk 2 weeks ago and it was told they would escalate as a Bug and sent to to next level…I uninstalled/reinstalled game this weekend and it did not fix…My hours, activity or achievements…File a Zendesk report the more they will look at it…I followed someone else who had issue as everyone posting here…Do not give up… I also have the Steam version.

I filed one a couple weeks back and basically got this reply. My logbook though has become more buggy and not recording some flights.

"Unfortunately, we currently have no way of retrieving the Logbook manually. This issue has been tracked in our internal bug tracker and is under investigation.
We’ll leave this ticket open until we have more information to share with you. "

I have the same problem, most of my log entries are gone and the hours.

By the way, if you have Steam, DO NOT do a verify game files, as it only checks its own data in the user\Appdata…directory, and deletes all of the downloaded data files. Absolutely crazy, but I have made that mistake also.

“seems they keep logbook entries at server side, and I got all logbook entries back when I entered the newly installed simulator.”

I guess that if the server side data was corrupted during whatever technical issues Xbox/MicroSobo have had recently and that this bad data overwrites locally stored data this might explain people experiencing issues with logbooks and achievement logging?

Thats really quite worrying given that Xbox servers have suffered 2 global crashes in the space of a month and that your record of marketplace purchases could similarly be impacted …

Sorry for my English is a translator

I want to inform all my Flight Simulator 2020 colleagues about my experience in a subject that I consider quite important. If it makes you very happy to add hours and experience in your flight log book, you can lose all of them at any time due to system failures and they will not be put back. I have been since February 12 when I had been flying daily for 7 months and with almost 600 hours in the book asking them to put them as they were before their “mistake”, I have captures of what I had even today I have the shield of the 500 hours achieved but it gives me 59 hours, which I have flown since February 12.

I have written 8 times to the Flight Simulator support team (support@flightsimulator.zendesk.com) here when writing to them they initiate an incident, the first 4 they told me that they did not tell me because I did things wrong, the last 4 messages They have already recognized that sometimes they lose the flight log data and work so that it does not happen again. But my 600 Hours do not manage because they cannot, I tell them to look for a backup that would be normal for them to have it but nothing that they say they cannot.

Yes, nothing, I think it is of interest that you know this topic, I was excited to accumulate hours with their landings and takeoffs correctly carried out, but after they eliminate 600 hours I already lose a lot of enthusiasm.

I think they had to be ashamed to treat the users that they put so much love in this simulator like that.

In short, your flight books are in constant danger.

user JAMESBOND63 # 6925
Actual hours: 659
Hours after failure: 59

This is his last message, I’m already tired of arguing, I give up:

Support (Microsoft Flight Simulator)

Mar 27, 2021, 23:16 GMT+1

Hi Lanavata,

Thank you for your reply and feedback. We really appreciate it.

Unfortunately, there is no way we can retrieve old cloud data or manipulate new profile data in the way you expect we can. This is just not possible. If your logbook data and settings are no longer found in the cloud when re-installing the simulator, then this is the data bug we are experiencing after the latest update. We apologize for this inconvenience caused.

We are working hard to stop this from happening again. Once again, we apologize for this affecting your experience of enjoying the simulator.

Kind Regards,
Microsoft Flight Simulator Support Team

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hmm…I’m on a fresh win10 install and a fresh msfs 2020 install (2nd time) as of yesterday morning (only the first part from the app store)…
The sim plays the usual intro videos then tries to sync and is unable to…thats as far as i get…i dont even get to checking for updates…and this is on
If you install the sim without the sync as its not working, you end up with 0 hrs and empty logbook and no settings…even if i sign in and out of the sim, same outcome.

So is this the same data bug or an unfortunate incident that im doing a fresh install and somethings not working…

I feel your pain.
Had a 15 minute internet interruption during a flight - sim advised it was going into Offline mode - when the internet connection was restored it put up something about my Packages being out of date - I think I hit enter or something and it left the flight, back to a Press Any Key screen (now when I had lost connection one other time I saw this, and the Insert Disk message when offline and I didn’t know it then).
When I reloaded the sim the logbook was blank - 480 hours gone. I tried to mess around, looking to see if I could find a logbook file that might be able to be restored to some older version - even looked to see if I had any Restore points saved on the PC to go back a day - no saved points and no file I could find to check properties. It could be there, just not sure where/which one.

It is a bit of a bummer - I got used to seeing the number tally up and it sort of felt like a bit of progress. Alas I have to get used to having nothing now, and perhaps just ignoring it as a statistic. To lose it again, from something as simple as a cut in internet connection wouldn’t be worth the mental drag of getting used to zero again.

Same here… all settings gone, too

Same here

Now again, although I updated the outdated Packages yersterday, MSFS asks again to update… und is not working online, when those updates are not accepted…what a ■■■■ with this MSFS all the time. FRUSTRATING.

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This just happened to me today. Possibly my network dropped for a few minutes while I was paused (non-action)? Then “Packages need updating”, then some weird “press any key” screen, then bye bye log entries and custom callsign. At least my controller settings were still there…

This seems like a pretty game-breaking bug…

Just imagine if this happened to your record of marketplace purchases?
Especially as Microsoft/Asobo do not provide any itemized proof of purchase receipt.

I keep seeing posts on this forum and others of data being lost and support being pretty difficult about it.

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I have the same problem, logbook entries gone

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