Pilot2ATC compatibility

I think I downloaded the latest link for FSUIPC. I certainly tried anyway this morning. Would you have a link you could post here if poss so I can double check? I’m not one to give up easy, but I really struggled with it today and it has nearly put me off! I’m not really up for VATSIM. Would rather fly alone, cheers simon

Don’t forget this program is not yet supposed to work with MSFS2020

Good point. I struggled with some of the flight planning too, even before attempting connection, although I realise that you have to invest time to learn. Shame there aren’t more tutorials in the public domain. (I watched a couple, but they weren’t “basic” enough, and I was overwhelmed by the user manual. If I missed any good tut.s let me know!

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Thanks v much!

ok update on my " no radios" issue, I noticed the “per” on the bottom left was red, researched that and found it indicates
IGNORE BATTERY SWITCH needs to be checked in “Config”
radios work now but “on top” still does not

For me it works fine with, you just have to make sure, that your radios in-sim are working as well (so Avionics switch is on and batteries are on) ^^

I am on about day 6 of my Pilot2ATC trial and am finally getting some functionality. The manual is great- I wasted a lot of time on YouTube which was just not “beginner enough”. My main frustration turned out to be that my NEW Logitech headset was just not working well with speech recognition. I dug an old head mounted analog mic out of the junk box and plugged it in to the sound card and it is worlds better. Another caveat I discovered is that you have to be in the a/c and press the FLY button in 2020 before the CONNECT button in P2A will work- at least on my system. That may be intuitive ?, but to this newbie, it took me a long time to catch on. The status text box said it was connected but the CONNECT box didn’t turn green :stuck_out_tongue: I still can’t create a flight plan in P2A, SAVE it, and reLOAD it. It just shows the origin airport and no other waypoints. I will probably look at an alternate for planning and import to P2A, suggestions welcome. My only interest is G/A aircraft btw.

Frustrations aside, I may go ahead with the purchase. At least I have a few more days of functionality to really try it.

I would encourage you to go ahead and purchase, Like many software items it take quite awhile to get good with it, but you will master it, and when you do it will be the best. Although I still have many issues with FS202- I know in time they will be fixed. Because of Pilot2 ATC I am still going back to Xplane for now

I’ve fixed this! I’ve produced an 8-minute how-to video with the aim of getting people underway with Pilot2ATC with the minimum of fuss. https://youtu.be/XgOHTEEb9VE


OK radios. are still wonky, here’s what I have
Load FS 2020, when aircraft is spawned. and avionics on
load pilot2ATC. it connects as I see the airplane icon
NOW when I click in freq. channel for clearance delivery, it goes to standby THEN I click SWITCH and the frequency disappears and reverts to what was there originally
does the same if I utilize the aircraft radio
I spawned into an airport with no Flight plan , already running ,
opened Pilot2ATC. did NOT open or file a flight plan, left it blank and all radios work just fine

any ideas ???

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Thanks! I did purchase, and have it working pretty well for me now. I am still getting the hang of speaking the phrasing acceptable to P2A, but it really does add another layer of “reality” to the experience. Maybe BlackShark will make an intelligent ATC? :thinking:

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I had the same problem until I turned off sim ATC button that has your co-pilot tuning the radios. Check if that button is on (the sim one, not the Pilot2ATC one), turn it off and you’ll be able to tune the pilot2ATC radios.


thought i had all help disabled. will check thanks :slight_smile:

Barkis. your a whiz !!! that was it, cripes I would never have found that, works perfect

my thanks !!!

Is there a way to add some random events to the atc? By adding the exact approach I know anything, what expects me. Is this realistic? I would like if the atc sometimes gives me vectors, or suddenly a direct to waypoint…etc.

Also Pikot2ATC has no access to the sim weather to set the correct active runway for landing

P2A uses real weather, so if the sim does the same they both should match.

In XPlane, for example, they pretty much always match. FS2020 sometimes gets misaligned.

So I’ve gotten Pilot2ATC working with the sim pretty well, and have the sim’s ATC options turned off (as well as most of the assistance options are off also). However, when I follow the Pilot2ATC instructions and start taxiing around and getting onto the runway for takeoff, etc., I keep getting the sim’s warning messages popping up (incursions, ask for clearance, etc.). It’s quite annoying. Is there a setting that I am missing on turning those warnings off?

I’m copying you! Haha I’ve got a ton of stuff running and I guess I’m lucky that it’s running well for me too.

Are these warnings the ATC talking to you (audio) or the pop up tooltips? Tooltips can be turned off in general->accessibility