Pilot2ATC compatibility

You should be able to turn everything off in the Assistance options or whatever the name, where you choose the realism settings.

is anyone using the A320 either vanilla or the upgrade. how are you tuning the com radios ? I find using the mouse a bit frustrating attempting to find that sweet spot to change whole number vs the fraction,
any on binding keyboard to do this, for the life of me , nothing in the options will change the tuning or switch from standby ??

If the question is referred to Pilot2ATC, you should be able to tune them from the P2A interface by selecting the one you want from the “Freq” list, and clicking on the active frequency to swap it.

Cradle yes the question is for Pilot2ATC, and I should be able to tune through Pilot2ATC, dosent work !! If I tune the radios in the A320 they show in Pilot2ATC . my post was to see if other users of the A320 had similar issue or if it just my settings. I use the Citation CJ4 with Pilot2ATC with no problems. its just the A320

turn off ai/co-pilot handling your radios. Turn off ATC voices too. I use Pilot2ATC for every flight VFR or IFR it tunes the radios fine.

I have all that turned off, its only the A320 that has the radio issue, all others are fine, just curios if there are other flying the A320 with no problems or if its just my system

I have flown the A320 with Pilot2ATC with no issues. Maybe try the settings in Pilot2ATC
Ignore battery / Avionics.

Bravo. that’s the response I was looking for, so its not the A320, must be something on my end. AND I do have “ignore battery/avionics”. so I will continue to investigate, gotta be something


Hey people,

I’ve been using this for about a month ± ; after getting chatter and all voices going it’s actually pretty cool. I usually just let “say it” take care of things, but have run into some situations on descent: ATC tells me to change heading, which is contrary to the nav path that would lead me straight for landing. It continues to do this and generally leads me way off course.

Anyone encountering this or have suggestions? Keep listening to ATC or stay on NAV… ?

You’re probably not setting your approaches up correctly. In the flight planning phase you can see all available approaches (stars) for the active runway and you can choose one of them to be part of the plan.

Real world atc wins, im guessing p2a is vectoring you straight to the ils intercept, it does that to me all the time, but yeah make sure your fms matches the approach atc gave you when you filed it. If you have the settings to select an approach automatically for you they never match, the weather is always different.

Oh as what I do, once they give vectors, switch to heading and fly manual and while transiting, verify your ils freq and switch to vor/localized mode and then just hit nav when you fly into the glideslope.

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Thanks for the reply, but actually I do; I’ve tried different variations. I’m flying a Cessna not an Airliner, as Dave said, but nonetheless, the nav exported to FS is the same; I have the runway, looks all lined up nicely then it guides me off. Yesterday for instance; I was lined up to KORD @270 and it kept telling me to turn left 270 when I was already on heading 270.

Actually, I have tried that---- switch to heading :slight_smile: but then stops, “will contact again…” never does and I wave to the airport just going off on some errant heading, lol.

I have experienced similar discrepancies , I would say its about 85 % accurate , and IMHO still better that any thing out there, just keep trying different airports and approached to learn the best weeks, For example my home airport has runway 30. Pilot 2ATC always clears me for 29. then says " you have landed on the wrong runway !!!, it’s not perfect but still a blast !!

Oh, I agree, minus the small flaws, it’s better than anything else available.

Most people miss a important part of Pilot2ATC… “The learning curve is SIGNIFICANT.” its on the web site. Read the manual, or review some youtube tutorials. Practice routings ICAO to ICAO “un-plugged.”
Also, you can start FSUIPC7 before or after FS is started, I usually get FS running first, then FSUIPC… create you plan in P2A, export, load into FS… start the flight; once in your plane; runway or parker, start P2A… validate your plan, then file your plan. Make sure you’ve fully connected though (PWR and CONNECT should both be filled green). then start ATC communications… :slight_smile:


This is 100% my problem now. Were you able to fix it?

Dave or anyone !: Benn attempting to get proficient with "missed approach/go around , So I declare the missed approach, tower acknowledges and hands me off to approach saying “request another approach”.
but approach never acknowledges me, now they did on the original approach.
So !! is there a particular phrase I need to use to get another approach ??


I was fortunate enough to have purchased this program for P3d. I hadn’t used it in years (I liked VoxATC) better. I did not have my original purchase information. I contacted Dave, the developer of Pilot2ATC. He got back to me with the information in less than an hour. Even though I’ve used the program before, it still took me days to get it set up properly. A couple of things I learned. Set up your callsign before connecting to the sim. Make sure the callsign you are using is valid. In America for GA, you can use aircraft manufacturer or model (not both) and the tail number has to start with an N followed by numbers and letters.

You must have FSUIPC7. It is a free download, you can register if you want added functionality. You can add language packages in Windows 10. They sound robotic, but are free. If English is your default language the foreign voices will speak English with their native accent (I find this kind of cool).

I find the manual’s description of how to communicate with ATC, a bit cumbersome. The program does allow some variability in the phrases, but is pretty specific about some of them (Requesting VFR and IFR clearances is one of those. Here is a link, that is pretty easy to follow, and gives the basics about the general format for talking with ATC. Pilot2ATC does follow this format. This guide is pretty easy to follow and covers the basics for VFR flight: https://www.westwingsinc.com/vfrcomm.pdf

This program is still early phases for MSFS, but I have had a couple of pretty good 1 hour flights that worked pretty smoothly. I had some early problems with freezes and stutters, but found most of these to be configuration errors on my part. If you notice anything wonky, contact Dave at Pilot2ATC. He is amazingly responsive, sometimes developing patches quickly to fix bugs: admin@pilot2atc.com