Piloting the Mig-29 with grace and panache

Any tips for flying the Mig-29 smoothly? It pitches and yaws wildly even at the slightest touch and I can’t even tell how many Gs I’m pulling in external cam until the aircraft breaks! There’s no G indicator in the external HUD. I wonder why.

So how do I tame this thing? Any flight systems or toggle I can use?

Try using the yoke assist in the assistance options menu.
It helps when using an xbox controller.
If using a hotas try adjusting your stick sensitivities to compensate.

Nah I’d rather not use any assists, as don’t want to muddy up the experience. If that’s how the plane flies IRL then I’ll get used to it, no problem :+1:

Edit: update had come out for this thing, around 32mb. Release notes? G indicator still isn’t visible in chase cam…

Deimos said that they are working on an external G indicator and that it should be out before SUX.

Yup, so I’ve been told by the man himself! Should be good.

Would also be very nice to have the signature Mig 29 engine roar and a more realistic flight model.


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