Pimax (8kx) flickering with "wide" FOV Setting

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setting a Pimax 8kV Heaset to “wide” field of view causes flickering,
setting fov to “normal” works without issues.
Bug came up with SU10 Beta first

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set Pimax to wide FOV, start VR Mode

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CPU: AMD 5800X3D; GPU: RX3090Ti, 24GB, RAM: 32GB / 3600 Mhz,

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FS2020 Shop Version, Running with Pimax XR Runtime, without SteamVR.

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I’m using dx11 and I have the same trouble with flickering in the screens in the wide fov mode. Not at all in the other modes.
Dx11, 4090 nvidia
su11, Pimax 8kx

I filed a zendesk ticket regarding this issue.
It is also referenced here Large FOV on Pimax casues occasional glitchy frames