Pimax 8KX VR tests from a Reverb G2 Guy!

As a former Reverb G2 owner, I’ve borrowed a Pimax 8KX for a few weeks. These are my first impressions. I’d love to know from fellow Pimax owners what I can do to improve on my experience. The main drawback I’ve noticed is needing Parallel Projections enabled, otherwise you get pixilation on the outer edges. Trouble is, this has a hefty performance impact.

Any advice is much appreciated!

Thanks guys :slight_smile:
VR Flight Sim Guy

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I left Pimax, it was impossible for me to have a decent quality/performance.
Drivers were silly.
But FOV is astonishing at least

Hi, i fly without PP, but on small FoV at time.
Asobo know and work on this problem, but nobody can say how long.

Support for Wide FOV VR headsets (removing Frustum Culling issue)- - Virtual Reality (VR) / VR Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Thanks very useful! I’ll give this a try :slight_smile:

It seems using small or even ‘potato’ mode brings in the pixilation even further and doesn’t make much difference to me.

The best so far is the oculus rift s. Works great out the box with everything. I fly only vr now.

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