Support for Wide FOV VR headsets (removing Frustum Culling issue)-

Hi VR enthusiasts and MS/Asobo team!

I think its important to point out that MSFS at this point is not natively supporting VR headsets with wide FOV (such as Pimax). Which is quite concerning.

The current workaround to run MSFS properly with Pimax VR headsets is to enable Parallel Projection (in PiTool settings) which does make the sim render correctly with wide FOV. But using Parallel Projection reduces the performance by up to 20-30%, because of the higher resolution that needs to be rendered, which Parallel Projection requires.

While running MSFS without Parallel Projection enabled, does render the 3D image and wide FOV correctly, but the issue remains that objects and textures in peripheral view (outside of 110 FOV area) gets invisible and pops in/out while you look around.

Some objects are visible in the peripheral view, while others aren’t. This creates a weird effect of textures, gauges and some 3D objects to pop in when they gets inside the 110FOV area only, and pops out while outside of the area.

This issue is well known as “frustum culling” and most developers are nowadays adapting to wide FOV (which is now becoming a standard in VR) by fixing this problem in their VR games and sims, simply by removing the use of frustum culling in the game/sim engine. Developers of well known simulators like DCS, Elite Dangerous, RFactor2 among others have already solved this.

Now, I would like to raise the voice in here, on the official MSFS forums, and hopefully make the Asobo developers aware of this frustum culling issue, as I feel its something that needs to be solved in MSFS VR.

Personally I’m quite surprised that this haven’t been addressed already during the closed Beta phase, as I know the Beta program included a whole bunch of Pimax headset owners being early Beta testers.

By getting this minor issue fixed, MSFS would proudly support all high-end wide FOV headsets such as Pimax 8KX and 8K Plus, the XTAL 8K as well as StarVR. Meanwhile, it would improve the VR performance by up to 30% when wide FOV is used.

And being an active VR enthusiast myself, I know there are thousands and thousands of VR Flight Simulator enthusiasts out there, with wide FOV VR headsets, that are eagerly waiting for native wide FOV support in MSFS VR. I hope many of you in here agree with me on this.

We would all highly appreciate if Asobo could solve this in an upcoming hot fix.

From Pimax in this link: Support for Wide FOV VR headsets (removing Frustum Culling issue)

Agreed. It’s need to be fixed asap. Thanks for raising your voice.


Wide FOV user here. This need to be fixed


Another vote for this. The FC is annoying.

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Voted. It’s really annoying and activating support for parallel projection on a Pimax hardware to solve the issue is only a workaround and kills performance and image clarity. Please fix.


Please fix this! Thank you!


I double that.

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Another user that would like this to be fixed. Pimax 8kx.


Agreed, please fix this issue ASAP. The MSFS VR experience would be so much better. I have a Pimax 8K X and currently my experience is really bad. Makes me sad that I have to switch back to playing on my OLED 48". The connection issues, shaking and flickering screen, broken view and low fps just kill the experience not to mention my eyes. Please Help!

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Another User, please fix.

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please fix this asap. would be amazing to get those extra fps for smooth flying

VR is incredibly hard on our GPUs and due to the current video card shortage, an upgrade is out of reach for many of us. Fixing this issue would really help us enjoy your great flight sim even more. Please consider improving your VR support for wide FOV headsets, like the Pimax. Thanks!

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Hi Asobo team
Bonjour la team Asobo,

Please, please, take this request into consideration, this is really a pitty this beautifull sim is suffuring the culling effect.
It is so marvelous in VR, specially with a wide FOV Pimax headset.
To have to use Parallel Projection is eating too much FPS, and also has a sad effect on the overall image precision.

Merci d’avance !!

+1 for this to be fixed please. Pimax 5k+ user & long time flight sim fan.

I have the 5K+ and the 8KX and love to fly FS2020 but this issue really needs a fix!

Hi everyone, stopping by to remind you that FS is compatible with headsets that support OpenXR!

After a quick check on Pimax FAQ, it seems that in a coming future, you will be able to use this headset aswell :slight_smile: image.


Thanks for your answer but even with OpenXR, would canted vr displays with wide fov work properly? Do you really know for sure?
Is it so difficult for Asobo to change or remove “frustum culling”?
Thanks again.

Hi @OlieTsubasa443 ,

I’m afraid you misunderstood the faq.
PimaxExperience headset are compatible with openXR (we are able to use it for msfs2020), but pimax does not provide support about openXR.
According to some Dev tech, the ability to properly display images on canted headset (like pimax, but also like the Index), should not be on openXR side, but in the code itself, prior to the call of the API.
Could you reassess this point please and reconsider the value of our request?


Pimax 8KX user here, please be so kind to provide FS2020 with a hot fix for the Wide FOV !

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Some screenshots of the problem.
It might interest the future buyers of a Pimax to see the problem in pictures.

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