Pimax Users (8KX) Please share your settings

Pimax Users (8KX) Please share your settings. (Pitool, OpenXR, SteamVR, In Game settings) I just received the headset yesterday, Tried some of youtube videos but they post half of their settings. When i first connected the VR it was clear and sharp, but since i downloaded OpenXR and steam vr, the res is worst than oculus quest 2 and blurry. What I’m doing wrong?

My Specs are
64GB Rams 4000mhz

Thank you . Much Appreciated

I have no answer to this but I’m curious whether you solved your problems. I have a 3090 too and fairly high tolerance for low fps. Flying now with HP Reverb G2 and just learned about the Pimax 8K x; I don’t really have budget for that now but it would still be fun to hear whether it’s usable at full resolution and ultra settings. I haven’t found many comments on that post SU5.

I use pitool 1 (75hz mode), smooth motion on, steam 100% and in msfs vr 70-80% render scale depending where I’m flying. Very smooth. I also change in the config file precaching to 3 (with the last update is on a slider) so I don’t see any popups when I turn my head. They fix it in monitor but in vr they forgot to put the slider so you need to change the config file (it is already fixed).
9900k oc 5ghz, 3080ti oc

Since the SU05 update something is wrong with the renderer in connection with the Pimax. Values that were previously crisp are now blurred. After trying something, I was able to find values that are almost equally sharp with an acceptable performance.
The in-game VR resolution must now be 100%. 110% or 120% cause deterioration. (150 and 200% are also ok)

Here are my settings:
I fly without PP (I live with the culling) small FOV.
Pitool: 1.5
Smartsmooth: off
FFR: off
Steam SS: 50%

In-game settings mainly on high
LOD 200
Objects 200


Unfortunately, I would also tell you more about Ingame Settings, unfortunately this Bugfest went crazy again after a Steam update and deleted itself.

what about openxr?

integrateted in steamVR
nothing to do

what about openxr? should i uninstall it?

never single installed. As i say, is part of SteamVR

what you mean “never single installed”?

only steam installed

Why do you fly at 90hz if you can’t get 90 fps? Much better try to fly at less hz if you can get those frames or, at least, use smartsmothing to get half and then it will be more smooth. It’s my opinion.
Right now flying at 75hz with smartsmothing on.

I tried but somehow I saw all worse so I went back to the other.

@legia92 not wmr, steam… but thx

My Pimax 8kx now installed. Question if ok please after following config tips on
SimHanger Flight Simulation, I start sim in Pitool which says continually that it s loading. On PC screen the sim opens fine and then on pc screen I click on go to VR. On PC screen can see the two VR images, but on pimax it just shows the steam radar looking screen. Any tips on getting it to run on Pimax screen please? Only issue is Flight Sim, all other games I can use pitool to open steam games ok and they run fine.