Pink / purple textures on aircraft

With the last update, I still see some pink / purple textures on planes… I think this is a general issue and I don’t know if it has been already reported. Those pink textures then disappear depending on the distance you are looking at them…
Thank you

Great, now my landing gear is purple.
What happend, Asobo???

Anyone else with this issue after the update?


I have same issue

Update: I had several items in the content manager that needed updating. After doing all the updates, the wheel textures seem to be fixed now

I tried to update the livery package via the content manager but it was already updated.

issue? looks awesome…


I did notice a pinkish-purple livery on one of the static aircraft as I taxied up to park. :slight_smile:

This morning @ KMRY…

That’s odd looking. You can look straight through the fuselage.

Since the patch my Longitude is pink. Doesn;t matter which livery I use. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the longitude from the content manager. Any ideas?

Weird, it magically switched back to correct landing gear.
All I did was, I guess a power cycle on my pc.

I consider it solved.

Same here, all liveries except the Rega one, which still has pink engines. Very strange - means I can’t continue my On Air career at the mo’ as it kinda relies on the Longitude.

You haven’t gone to the Content Manager and updated your Premium Deluxe version since you updated the base sim itself. Go to Content Manager, and download all the updates. There are many of them. Simply deleting and reinstalling the Longitude itself won’t help the problem.

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I remember updating everything in the content manager? The wings on some 787 liveries are pink too.


Does anyone know how to fix, pink interiors in external view of the aircraft? It has happened to me on the CJ4 and the Caravan until now, don’t know if it happens on other aircrafts.

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afaik that is caused by missing textures. Try uninstalling the aircraft in your content manager, then reinstall it.


It worked, thank you very much

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I have this same issue.

For me, it occurs only on the steam gauge version of the 172 except for the original default livery.

Restart of my computer and installation of remaining marketplace items did not solve it. I tried removing all mods and they’re still purple.

FYI, they glow in the dark.

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Hopefully the hotfix will.
Rumor has it that this fix will be released somewhere later today.


And… did the hotfix resolved this purple issue?

Nope! Still purple…