Pink / purple textures on aircraft

Shame. . .

Delete all liveries from community folder.

same thing happens to me, all third party liveries has issues

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Does anyone know which textures cause this? I have two community liveries for the Grand Caravan that have pink interiors post update V, both look fine with normal interiors when viewed in the hangar and were fine prior to the update. The none community liveries for the Grand Caravan are ok.

If anyone else is struggling with this one I’ve at last been able to fix my Grand Caravan livery by amending the texture.cfg as follows:



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Anybody has found a common solution for this?

this is driving me insane

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First thing that comes to my mind is, did i set something not right in the filtersettings of the dev mode by accident.

Pink windows depending on zoom level


Hello fellow pilots,

having the same issues flying longitude today, Basically when in external mode and zooming out, the cockpit is showing pink as seen in the screenshots below.

The magenta placeholder textures are caused by the sim not being able to find and load textures for some LODs due to SU5 changes. You need to update the texture.cfg file for each livery from pre-SU5 yourself if the original creator does not provide an update.

Here are two ways to do that:

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The default Grand Caravan’s interior turns pink when moving the camera away:

I had the pink interior in the CJ4 when using outside camera and i can confirm that deleting the aircraft then reinstalling it in content manager fixed it!

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I am still getting the pink interiors on the 208B as well, but only with custom liveries (I edited the texture.cfg file but the issue persists). With default skins when you zoom out to the same range there is the same color pop-in but it is white rather than the pink. It could possibly be a LOD issue with the interior, but I am not any type of expert.

For me, 1/3 of all Buildings in Manhatten are also pink. Strange look xD

Hi everyone,

all of my planes are broken. Most of the plane doesn’t appear at all and what does show up, usually a tiny chunk of the fuselage, is purple. Needless to say I haven’t been able to play at all. MSFS support has been useless.

I’m running the sim on an Xbox series X and I have the delux package. Can anyone help resolve this specifically for Xbox? As far as I can tell I can’t delete liveries and planes from the content manager on Xbox like you can on PC. Thanks in advance.

I have been getting the “pink” placeholder textures on parts of ALL aircraft on and off for some time now. Worked fine when I purchased the game but maybe two months ago (maybe longer) I started noticing that as I taxied around any airport that many of the aircraft just did not draw in the default liveries correctly. Sometimes I have noticed that the liveries will draw in with the pink placeholder textures for a while and eventually (sometimes) fully draw in when if I give them enough time. Sometimes they do not. I also get the exterior few of my standard livery (default) where the interior of the plane is showing the pink placeholder textures. Again, none of this occurred when I first purchased the sim. While it is not preventing me from flying, it is annoying and tends to make me not want to use the sim.

Are you on Steam or Microsoft Store version?

Microsoft Store

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?


Brief description of the issue:

Flying around DFW at night I noticed a number of passenger jets were glowing in the dark, AI and multiplayer jets.

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered:

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Addon liveries installed?