Piper PA-28R Arrow - Just Flight released

Yeah, I am really happy with it. I will avoid some developers from now on. Especially when some of the “other” brands seem to pump planes out like mating bunnies. :slight_smile: Just Flight does a lot more but it costs more. I mean, it really depends on what you want in your sim. Do you want something that looks nice? I think JustFlight’s version looks great. But Carenado looks better for many.For JF, I did the clean version to make myself feel spoiled. :wink: They also do more custom sounds, better overall function, physics and respond quickly with your questions. I have not experience this with the other developers, unfortunately. The interiors looks awfully similar, sounds are recycled between planes and the function/physics are not up to par with developers like JustFlight’s. However, it is more expensive. So, yeah. I think you get what you pay for. I am sure all of them work hard to bring these planes over to MSFS from others but some focus on quality instead of quantity.

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Anyone knows if there are light cockpit textures available somewhere to replace the black ones?

Not yet, but since all the files are editable, maybe people will work on it, as well as the low-res textures of the seats etc. Just give it some time, it just has been released.
At least that’s the benefit of a non-locked addon, you have access to these files :slight_smile:

I liked the look of the Arrow III panel from the JustFlight XP11-version, it has a bright upper panel except for the radios and GPS. Looks neat and I hoped to get it as alternative to the black one, but that didn’t happen.

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Have completed the clean interior. If you’re interested you can get it here:


Nice work! :slight_smile:
I already tried, basically one could bump up the resolution for the files without issues, but you’d have to recreate all of the textures since upscaling doesn’t work as well.
I’ll see if I can find some algorithm that upscales properly without just increasing pixel size. This might work for the materials but it won’t for the labels etc. But those can be recreated manually.

Oh and I don’t know about the situation with such uploads, but please make sure JustFlight is okay with your upload since basically the textures are in their copyright.


Looks great!

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I just took the Arrow for a spin towards the Alps. After about 25 minutes and at about 10.000 ft suddenly the engine stops. Shock Pushing the propeller forward and mixture to 100%, fuel pump on, I tried several restarts but nothing. After setting her down in a field, I checked everything I could think of:

  • Battery: check
  • Fuel: 40% in Left tank 50% in right tank
  • fuel pressure with pump: nominal.
  • plane won’t start on the ground either

Still it won’t start again. What am I missing?
(failures were deactived)

In addition: I couldn’t get her above 125 KIAS in level flight at 5000 ft. Wind was negligable. According to the manual she’s supposed to be able to cruise at 146 KIAS

Maybe too rich of mixture? Check the docs that came for precise numbers but at that altitude it wants to be pretty lean.

Thanks. I had the mixture leaned out (about half way down). But even if this was the problem, why wouldn’t the plane start on the ground?

Since you mentioned Alps is it possible your landing field was still really high altitude? I am not sure otherwise, that is strange.

What about icing? Not sure if that can stop the engine but you have no visual clue with the JF version.

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The field where I landed was below 2000ft. Didn’t get far enough to be in high altitude territory.

Had the weather set to 15°C sunshine. Just wanted to make a short test flight in ideal conditions

15°C MSL are still far less in FL100 :slight_smile: And the sim sometimes does crazy things in terms of icing.

good point … :slight_smile: Well, I’ll pass it of as a fluke then. Never had anything like that happen.

146kt IAS sounds a bit high to me. Where did you see these numbers in the manual?
Best power cruise at 75% is in ODM page 13 and it has the example arrow for 5.000ft at 10°C OAT at 135kt TAS.

Here’s an example at 6.000ft that I did with numbers:

Showing 110kt IAS at best power cruise and all the numbers completely match the ODM.


On page 7 of the manual it says VNO (maximum structural cruising speed) was 146 KIAS. So I figured it should be able reach this speed. I also found several sites on the web that states the cruise speed at 75% is 137 knots (while most say it’s IAS, some say CAS and a few TAS - so who knows)
I had my Arrow at full throttle and never got over the 125 KIAS.
Hadn’t looked at the charts though.

Since I have no axis bound to my mixture I usually use the automixture feature. At todays testflight with the Arrow I’ve noticed that the automixture underpowers the airplane. By a lot.

Can somebody confirm that?

Edit: Or maybe it does not work at all?

What kind of response do you get if you turn off auto mixture and use the mouse to adjust using the EGT gauge"

To me, it seems the Just Flight Piper Arrow does not support turning switches
ON and OFF and instead only support toggle. I have CH Products Throttle Quadrant (these things last) and when I program Mater Battery ON and Master Battery OFF it does not work. Same with other rocker switches. I made a separate control profile for the Arrow using Toggle. For an add on at this price point I would expect it to be further refined for 2020 than it is.