Pixelated clouds especially darker ones

Hi all, I’ve noticed some clouds in the distance are a bit pixelated, also the tarmac and airframes are also, could this be a pbr thing or more likely to be antialising what ever that is?

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It would help to know what type of system, memory, CPU and settings

hi , i turned off the sharpening setting in NVIDIA control panel ans it worked

Hi good to hear, could you be a little more specific about where the setting is on NVIDIA so other folks with this problem can do your fix?

I believe this what you did?

I also have some pixelated clouds, shadows, and multiplayer planes when they go transparent when you are too close. Sharpening is already off in NV control panel. Let me know if you find any other fixes.

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Hi, I have sharpening turned on in NCP, I have now turned off sharpening in the CFG file, I tip I picked up from this forum, just search for, the sim looks a lot better now although the clouds are still a bit sparkling looking anti aliasing I guess!