Placing an aircraft in the background

Is there a way one can place one of my hangar planes in the background, not to be flown, but to be seen? I create MSFS videos for entertainment. I have the Bigfoot drivable vehicle from SimWorks Studios.. I want to drive it into a highly customized airport scenery that includes a local drive-in restaurant – from the restaurant, into the airport and up to the customized airplane that I will then fly in the video. I would like to place the aircraft such that it can be seen, and I can drive up to it. Is this possible with the current version of MSFS without extensive “programming” on my part (i.e. not having to use the development tools)? Thanks for whatever information you can provide!

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The only way to do that is with a partner in a multiplayer session. Otherwise, you’d have to convert the model to static and add it to the scenery.

as tclaton2k suggests the easiest way would be to recruit someone to park and wait for you

you can add simobjects to scenery very easily but it would require sdk and scenery development that is probably more than you likely need for one scene of a vid

Pretty sure with some skill Sky Dolly’s formation feature could do this without the need for online.

Sky Dolly is my go-to program for creating videos. But I don’t find a way to have aircraft-A in the first recording, and then have it in the scene with aircraft-B, both visible at the same time, with aircraft-A static and aircraft-B controllable. Apparently JoinFS can do this. I am experimenting with it now.

I sent an email to “Steeler” about this issue, but he hasn’t responded.

Results of testing…

Sky Dolly will not place two different aircraft from the hangar on-screen at the same time.

JoinFS will allow two different aircraft from the hangar on-screen at the same time. In fact, both of them can be animated/moving! The way to do this is create recording #1, change to a different aircraft, then overdub recording #2 onto recording #1. Both recordings are “merged”. If you just want a hangar aircraft in the background, don’t move it in recording #1, just have it sitting there.