Placing the plane at specific latitude and longitude

I can search for a specific latitude and longitude and put the airplane at that location. (This is useful when in an area without airports.). Is there any way to specify the altitude and the heading when I do this? In mountainous locations, I don’t always get a high enough altitude and the plane orientation always seems to be wrong (not where I want to fly!). I can’t find any way to specify altitude and heading.



Hi, you can serch those on Google Maps and add the cordinate in the flight menu. For do this:

1. right click on your point of interest in Google Maps:

2. then on the coordinate. it will copy those for you:

3. Then open flight simulator and paste in the word map, by pressing Ctrl+V in the seach menu:

4. Set as departure and click Fly now:

5. Enjoy

Hope you find this helpfull!



I just set up a flight between two lat/long points, then went in to Navlog to set my altitude to 14100ft.

Screenshot 2021-03-30 131738

Reset Baro to local and it seems spot on to me:

You can also set the initial heading, by simply creating another waypoint, possibly the final destination, on the heading from the starting point that you want.

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I’ve never used this myself, but it would be a great way to practise landings. Just keep resetting the flight.

Thank you for that! I have seen people talk about that, but I had forgotten.

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Thanks for the info - that will help. I know how to set the start point, but didn’t know how to set the heading and altitude.



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