Planes bouncing too much?

Is it me or are the planes bouncing too much on landing? Maybe Microsoft should revisit and review how their planes behave on touchdown.

it is up to the pilot to jump, you are either too fast or you are sinking too quickly

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I only tend to bounce if I’m travelling too fast on touchdown. I only fly a few planes (Caravan, TBM, Mooney, Bonanza) so can only speak for my amateur flying of those. But if I fly at recommended speeds, I haven’t experienced too much bounciness. :kangaroo:

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@CodebreakerNEO, It is you :wink:

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ok, Maybe it’s me. but I don’t think an A320 or a 747 should bounce at touchdown at 140 kts. I don’t remember my vs but it cant be that much over 500vs. Maybe I need to slow it down to 130? thought that was too slow?

500ft/min? That’s way too high, almost a no-flare aircraft carrier type touchdown.

Airspeed isn’t that important. Low vertical speed and no three point touchdowns are essential.

On airliners the approach and touchdown speed vary a lot with weight.
130 or 140kts doesn’t mean anything without knowing the weight.

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OK, thank you. I do appreciate your help.

I am not a pilot, i just play for fun. But i do try to keep things realistic and respect the difficulty of real flying.


You give zero details but no, I never bounce unless I am fighting a massive crosswind.

Exactly, and try to keep your touchdown vertical speed between 100-300 fpm.

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Thank you RudiJG1… the game just got that much harder for me. lol

Pilot Error

I am so sick of people talking about “pilot error” and “you’re coming in to fast” when referencing these "bouncing " planes. I have been using flight sim since the very first version came out. I got the deluxe version, specifically for the 787 Dreamliner. I started using the default Airbus and it couldn’t seem to reach FL330 without struggling and taking an hour! I then started using the 787, everything was great and worked perfectly until my first touchdown. OK, I figure it was just getting use to the new flight sim. I practiced landings for about two hours going into KLAS. I tried other airports and got the same bounce, I use the suggestions of many threads that say “coming in too fast”, ok I came in with the amount of fuel calculated for landing at that specific airport, clear weather, I came it at a speed that was just above stall speed, which realistically, too slow and still got the bounce. I’m not new at this and have always flown the airliners as my favorite aircraft so please stop with the “pilot error” claims, the “coming in too fast” claims and “you need more practice” claims. There is a development issue that needs to be addressed, I am so sorry I spent the money on this sim.

The 787 is really easy to land very smooth without any bounce.
Again, the touchdown speed isn’t the important part, it’s the vertical speed.
Btw, the closer to the stall, the more difficult it is to touch down smoothly.
Pilot error.
Use the FMC calculated speeds and everything will be setup for a smooth touchdown.

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I used the FMC speed recommendation for landing, it still bounced. I always check my vertical speed, still bounces. I refer to above stall speed to prove a point that I can’t be coming in too fast, I never intended for that to be effective for landing. I’ve been flying boeing jets for years with flight sim, never had an issue with trampoline aircraft. I’m done with this for a while, I’ve lost interest.

Very strange. Are you using the correct, modern flight model?

The MSFS aircraft in no way act like real aircraft close to the ground. To have a CRJ not be able to track straight down the runway on landing in a 10 knot crosswind is ridiculous . This is NOT about pilot technique, it is about how the sim models aircraft which in my opinion sucks right now. If you don’t believe this and want to spend a few bucks load the AS CRJ in P3D and see how it is supposed to fly. It won’t fly anything like the MSFS model. This won’t be a real sim until the aircraft fly as good as the scenery looks!!


I don’t have the CRJ, but maintaining the centerline in a 10kt crosswind isn’t even a problem with the default 152.

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My comment is not specific to the CRJ and relates to the general modeling of the flight characteristics of all aircraft. I’ve flown the real sims and a lot of the real aircraft in the MSFS sim and this sim is no where realistic in many modes…

If you want more realistic FDMs, wait for the upcoming SU :wink:

The current FM has a lot of issues close to the ground but excessive bounce is not currently one of them (though do not talk to loud or Asobo may introduce it next update).

Bounce is almost entirely about patience and good speed control.

  • get impatient in flare and push the stick forward and you will plant the nose wheel and you will bounce
  • flare too fast and you have too much lift, you will float forever and if you do touch down before floating off the end of the runway you will bounce
  • flare too slow and you will stall while a metre above the runway and you will bounce