Playtime gone missing [Packages out of date]

what did it reset?

It did not reset my logbook

then you are a lucky guy :grinning:

Some on avsim say it may reset your controller settings too. I am flying now, I selected NO, and so far everything seems to be working. I don’t care about my logbook, my VA has all my flights.

any idea of when and what asobo is goinig to do about this… . has anyone heard anything?


A message that popped up while I was in the main menu, has caused 286 of my 288 hours to disappear. The message said something along the lines of “Your Packages are out of date”. Then it said something like “Click yes to continue”. I should’ve selected “no”. I clicked yes, and boom, 286 of my 288 hours are gone. My achievements still show, so that’s weird. Anyone else seen this?

has anyone had their deleted logbook restored? If not should we stay off the sim until they fix this

I guess I’ll be watching this topic tonight because I’m scared to start the sim.

I have over 700 hrs that I dont want to lose.

anyone, anyone, bueller, bueller.

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If it’s any consolation, I clicked no, continued my flight to landing, exited the sim, restarted and still lost my flight time.


I clicked no, still flying, I suspect the logbook will be empty when I land.

Besides the hours reset to zero, all my settings (except graphics and controls) are also back to default so I had to go through all menus again.

The amount of times that Asobo have broken this sim is laughable… is there any official word on what has happened this time?


Seems that everyone is having the same error, we all have had a message appear and update and lost our logs and information. Nice - Good job.

Just wait till they fix it now with a real answer

I just restarted MSFS after my flight, and my logbook is still there. Nothing missing…

I’d guess it’s just a server that is down. It probably can’t sync the data right now, so it looks like everything is missing/default. I’m going to guess the data isn’t permanently lost.

I had this error on 02/21/2021 for the first time. Back then I reported it to Zendesk and nothing really happened to this day. At that time, EDIT: 184 hours were lost in my logbook. I’m sorry it’s affecting so many all of a sudden. If the developers had taken care of it back then, they could have saved us a lot of trouble. So far it has happened to me three more times, and each time the logbook was empty.
It’s time someone took care of it!

In my opinion it has something to do with how often the XBox license is checked. If the connection to the server is lost in between, then XBox throws me out and when I log in again, Xbox syncs my account again. But since nothing is saved locally, all flights in the logbook are overwritten, i.e. deleted, with the locally saved data.

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Wow. The hours never came back?

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Yep same thing just happen to me flying over NZ over 400 hours gone!! So there is not fix for this I am assuming!