Please Add an option to Toggle the White Dot while using Controller

First of all thanks for SU5, i have been waiting & expecting this improvement since August 2020. Solved nearly all my problems with the sim.

I understand the logic for all those UI elements for XBOX since it’s users use controller.
I am not questioning the benefit of this white dot for XBOX users, just my opinion it should stay optional for PC users. Even though i checked all these newly added options, I was not able to turn it off successfully. Is there a possibility that we can have an option to turn that white dot on/off?

  • I already know that pressing LB button on my Xbox Controller make the gamepad controls act as old school camera movement.

Thanks again.

Agree completely!!! No MSFS until this is fixed


Yep, the white dot is very annoying.

Other than that, love the new update. Just took a joy flight around New York City after taking off from JFK, and not a single slowdown or stutter.


Its probably a 360 controller on pc issue (or feature) after su5.
When a flight starts and I use the mouse to change settings in autopilot for instance ,a white dot appears when in cockpit and moves around whenever I look around.

Its extremely disturbing and keeps me from enjoying my flight…
Please give us the option to turn it off…


I found a workaround for this. Press forward on your D-pad. As long as you haven’t rebound that key, it will push the camera forward towards the window. The white dot disappears and stayed gone until you use the mouse again.

I’m not sure why the dot appears in the first place. It obviously brings up tooltips when pointed over cockpit controls but for the life of me I can’t find a button mapping for the controller that lets us interact with those controls. Anyone know if it’s possible to interact with the cockpit buttons via controller on the PC? The whole white dot thing seems totally pointless otherwise.

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Exactly that …totally pointless…


Welcome to the Xbox Flightsimulator which also runs on a PC.

But…let us wait for the next update.


Its like they are trying to make it “game like”…very disappointing

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Well I get your point but…even the fact that I already have a Saitek yoke system when I come back from work and I want to relax flying,a 360 controller is more practical than having to assemble the whole system on my desk…I dont think that makes me less of a simmer and this sim was not made only for the people with thick wallets who have an extra room only for their hobby.
Finally the adjustment of the dead zone he mentions is for a smoother use of the camera, not for removing this annoying dot…


The white dot breaks the immersion. The original UX/UI control scheme was fine… the current scheme is AWFUL! we need a legacy mode for the controller asap. This currently renders the game unplayable for me. The original scheme made the game feel more realistic. it feels like I’ve gone from flying an advanced flight simulator to a fisher price junior’s first flight simulator. I am sure it proved great in the playtests but in reality the old UX/UI was way better and I could see all the different things being displayed properly. Now it’s just awful.

Microsoft. We need an option to remove this and also to change the colour of it


I used it exclusively. I prefer a gamepad and mouse combo. Allows me to interact in such a more efficient way on my setup. It’s a shame how gamey things have become for this sim.


I have spent a lot of money on mods and dlc for the game and now the game is unplayable, I just tried to fly to a local airport and typically you would always get little notifications about the airports nearby now that’s gone. Saying I am angry is an understatement. I’m on the verge of uninstalling the game and finding something else to do. The game was perfect and it feels like someone’s listened to a bunch of random playtesters and destoryed a much loved game.

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There’s nothing “gamey” about a white dot. It’s there as a visual aid for selecting cockpit controls for the people using a gamepad to look around, the majority of whom will be using a gamepad as their only input device and not using gamepad in conjunction with mouse. It would be nice if they made it optional. That’s all there is to it.

This “game arcade xbox rabble rabble” ranting doesn’t help anybody. There’s probably some grognard on Avsim or wherever who thinks a gamepad shouldn’t function as an input device for the sim at all, only entry-level HOTAS or “better” because this is a (takes deep breath, strokes neckbeard furiously) SERIOUS SIMULATION and NOT A GAME. We can all have our personal preferences without trying to posture like they make us better than other people.

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Not everyone can afford a HOTAS or super shiny expensive setup. Some of us still want a simulator with immersion using a game controller.

I know. And I don’t look down on you for that. But some people definitely would. So I’m saying try to express your opinions without needing to make this into a “the way I like it is SIM, the other way is GAME” to make your way sound superior, because somebody will always be able to one-up you in the “my way is more hardcore realistic SIMULATION” department.

Well that’s why I started this topic. So that they will give us the option to turn it on or off…
The fact that some people prefer to use one device instead of something else depends, as you say, on personal preference.
Moreover the fact that they introduce features, elements on the sim without giving us the option to choose to use it or not, that annoys me the most…
When we say gamey we dont look down on anyone, we don’t criticise anyone at all…we are giving our feedback on the Asobo team, so we, the simmers, with the limited budget can enjoy our sim as we used to. The others with the expensive setups can enjoy their simming experience too…good for them!

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Define Global LivingRoomGame as integer

If LivingRoomGame = true
WhiteDot = true

WhiteDot = false


Procedure SetGameMode()
If XBOX=true
; Set MSFS2020 as a Game
Set LivingRoomGame = true
; Set MSFS2020 as a Simulator
Set LivingRoomGame = false

This is only for fun, but…

It’s fine to include things like that for the Xbox people, absolutely no problem.
But it seems to me that the PC users currently play the second role.

I have hundreds of Euros worth of simulator hardware here, but for a quick test in between I also use a controller. All good. But why was this changed now as if everyone would sit in front of a console?

These discussions here are important so that MS understands that some things should be changed again quickly.


I already contacted this great guy who hid away the top option menu with his mod… I have greater hope on him.


We need a vote on this please.

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Needs to be gone ASAP! Voted!


Samme here. Voted !!

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