As Wishlist items are fixed, close thread with detailed explanation of the fix

Asobo - It seems to me that you ‘fix’ a great many things in your own way but then either you add a cryptic release note or you don’t say anything at all and this leads to many wishlist threads that are based on previous versions to stay in existence and be continued.

My idea is that a detailed post be made to all wishlist items as they are fixed that explains what was done to fix that wishlist item and those threads be locked with detailed post marked as the solution so people easily find it.

For example: a current ongoing wishlist thread (found in wishlists)
Please Add an option to Toggle the White Dot while using Controller - Community Support / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

and then apparently what was done to fix it is over in Community Support>Miscellaneous:
(Workaround) How to get rid of the White dot in cockpit view (Xbox, controller only) - Community Support / Miscellaneous - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


It’s not a fix, though. It’s just a workaround. The issue itself still needs legitimate fixing.

Hello @mbraortns,
The wishlist subcategory are things in MSFS that members wish to have changed, removed or added.

When wishes are fulfilled, that wish is closed.

The “Community Support” topic regarding the same, is generally not monitored for any bugs, issues or wishes. That category is for members assisting members.

As the white dot isn’t a bug, it is in the wishlist for community voting to have it removed.

Hester - I placed this item in the Wishlist section because I wish Asobo, Microsoft and the forum moderators would get together better to be more transparent about all of the fixes that are made and what they are supposed to solve. You moved my wish from Wishlists to General Discussion and I don’t know why because it is written to Asobo (et al) with the hopes and intent for better organization of fixes. I used the white dot as an example and nothing more.

You say “when wishes are fulfilled, that wish is closed” and so I say that it should be easy for you or another team member to write down what was done to “fulfill the wish” That way, if there are are misunderstandings about what the wish actually was then the community can try again by being more clear. For example, my need to add to this post which you have marked as solved even though that isn’t possible.
Thanks for your understanding. I am trying to help.


This topic isn’t for the wishlist but rather it is feedback on how forum topics are handled. As I wrote above, wishes are for things you’d like to see changed, added or removed in MSFS.

Wishes that are implemented, do get closed as resolved. However, I will note your feedback on including what was resolved.


It’s a good suggestion, thank you! If a wishlist item is closed and moved to Resolved, we will try to attach the release note item and any additional information we have. I’m not sure I will be able to do this for every topic depending on what info we get, but will make an effort to put as much information as we know in a comment when we close it out.