Please Add an option to Toggle the White Dot while using Controller

It’s completely different.
Let’s call them cursor and white dot.

The cursor moves on a still screen and acts like a mouse pointer.
The white dot stays centered and moves with the camera, it acts like a crosshair.

The cursor is useful for flat screen users, and the white dot becomes (kind of) useless even though everyone could choose which way feels the best.

The white dot is absolutely mandatory for VR users (you aim with your head) since the cursor doesn’t work anyway.

It actually already works in VR but:

  • You need to move the mouse and then move a stick or press a button for the white dot to appear.
  • The white dot disappears by itself after one second or so, so it’s barely usable as you need to act fast or you’ll have to aim at an instrument by guessing where the center is (or do the mouse trick again).

But overall, there is a real problem design wise and it’s very messy and broken.
A simple white dot toggle exactly like what already exists for the cursor would solve everything. One dev could probably do this in not even a day and we’re here, waiting since forever for this to be implemented/fixed.


Furthermore I like to stream my flights and this white dot and white boxes on everything most certainly effects the quality. Same for content creation.

The fact Asobo has chosen to fix this for hotas and yokes proves it’s a bug and at best a bad feature for gamepads. We have been waiting since SU5 with the votes and they decide to fix it for everyone else who has been waiting since SU12.

Imagine if track IR and or Tobi forced a white dot everywhere or any time you looked at a panel it highlighted with a white box/border. Again right stick on the gamepad is for head tracking fellas. What is worse is Asobo develops in 2K and the white dot is even worse in 1080p yet designed for 4K.

Seriously give us a toggle please. If you are going to fix it for some then fix it for everyone. We have been patient and waited almost two years. What more can we really say on the issue? This gets moved to wishlist but it’s actually still a bug because it causes problems and fights with mouse controls even causing the mouse cursor to vanish.

All of this was working proper prior to SU5. I would say we have been very patient with Asobo for this and I have talked to some community members and developers about it and they fully agree.

If they don’t fix this I am just done with MFS and will happily uninstall it for good. Had enough.


Not sure if this has already been reported, but for me, white dot issue fixed by by changing “Extremity” under Rudder Pedal Sensitivity to -10%. Give it a try.

I’m sorry but…what? You do not need a white dot in VR. What do you mean you aim with your head?

Are you a VR user? What you wrote is, I’m sorry to say, nonsense.

To interact with instruments/switches in VR you either use your mouse which acts like, well a mouse, or you use VR controllers in actual 3d space where you can reach out and up and in. Nowhere do you have to “aim with your head” or the “cursor doesn’t work”.

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This sounds more like the bug introduced with a recent update that affected users of flight controllers (yoke, rudder pedals, HOTAS, etc), as reported here:

This thread was started long before that, specifically affecting those using an Xbox style controller and can not be tuned away with a sensitivity adjustment.

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Look like they are adding the toggles according to the beta latest update

Congratulations and special thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen.

The toggle is indeed being added in SU13. Great news. :sunglasses:

Finally I can rest.


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Incredible news but I’ll believe it when I see it! :stuck_out_tongue: Has anyone tested this feature in the beta?

Thanks Funghie for your input and comments on this topic.

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Would be great if they could also lump the “sticky” glue effect while moving the dot over active elements too.

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It’s confirmed. Two toggles. See release notes and user reactions.


Same, but here’s the post, followed by initial positive feedback. Ticker tape parade anyone?

As for the glue effect, I don’t know but I suspect it’ll be naturally ended as well. I say “naturally” because the No More White Dot mod resulted in no more glue effect when it worked for me. That suggests the two are intertwined and not two separate functions.

I could be wrong, though.


Tested it here and it works as expected. Great stuff. :slight_smile:


I’m not in the beta and I know this fix was intended to fix the bug introduced with the dot appearing with controller (HOTAS, rudders, yokes, etc) inputs. Is this also confirmed as fixing the original long standing complaint about it when using Xbox controllers as well?

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I am testing the beta on one of my PCs (laptop) and yesterday I only used a mouse and Xbox controller with it. I did not see the white dot or white panel outline with the settings Off.

I think they got it this time.


Do we know if the toggle will be available on Xbox?

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Hello @FluxxWildly,

On the current beta build (, the toggle feature is only available on PC, but it will be coming to Xbox too in the next SU13 pre-release test build.



Odd, I could have sworn I asked that question in the known issue thread on it, not here. Oh well, thanks for the affirmative answer. :slight_smile:


Not at all. I use my head to aim at instruments and use the A button to activate/lock, and B to unlock. I also use it to select an option in the panels like ATC or the pause menu.

Look how I turn off the C152 here, I only use my head (no white dot issue so it’s kinda tricky to figure out where the center is):

I aim at the key, press B to lock, use the right stick to turn is off, press A to unlock. Easy peasy.

VR controllers are not properly implemented (way too sensitive, need to be woken up all the time, etc) and I usually don’t have a mouse nearby. I do everything with my head and the Xbox controller.

This is the way I play MSFS in VR. I’m glad you found a different way that fits your needs but not knowing that exists doesn’t make it a nonsense you know. :roll_eyes:

The white dot toggle is awesome news! I just hope it also works in VR :sweat_smile:

Let me apologize, I’m glad you found a way that works for you.

I would guess though that it’s pretty unique the way you interact in VR. I would guess almost everyone uses either mouse or VR controllers in combination with hardware, none of which need or benefit from the white dot. But again, happy this works for you and hey now we got a toggle so everyone’s happy!

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White Dot toggle option added in Sim Update 13: Release Notes - Sim Update 13 [] Available Now