Please Add an option to Toggle the White Dot while using Controller

Oddly, I have the opposite “problem”. I can make it appear on demand, but it always hides itself. I’ve not found a way to make it stay on screen. Possibly a console controller related thing, as I don’t use one.

it never just permanently stays on screen intentionally. Just like the mouse cursor, its on when you move the control and then disappears a few seconds later. The problem for some is that some control of theirs is causing constant or near constant random input which activates the dot and interferes with the mouse. But ‘toggle cockpit freelook’ does shut down both the white dot and the mouse cursor. Its a ‘cockpit instrument interaction toggle’.
The other cursor (white dot in large circle) locks up all controls as its designed to allow interaction with the toolbar and not the plane.

One thing I find odd is that the XBox’s game controller uses the trigger axes for rudder control and they do not bring up the white dot and so I don’t know what people are tying their rudder pedals to that does bring up the dot. didn’t know there were so many inputs…but I think Asobo’s default input scheme is too complicated and faulty as originally designed.

EDIT: I also think its important to rewrite the controls to your own situation as it ‘cements them’ as it were. I had a default control that was not working until I deleted it and then reassigned the exact same thing.

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It’s the camera viewing / movement that brings up the dot. None of the flight controls do.

Do you mean ‘reassign’? From your post it seems so. Just to be sure.

Yes, reassign. For example – the vast majority of keyboard controls are useless to me as I interact with cockpit controls (knobs, buttons, switches) using the mouse and so I reassigned the default keyboard ‘c’ key. By default it selects COM1 (I think) and I reassigned it to “Toggle Cockpit Freelook” and so now I can bring up the dot or kill it either by pressing the middle mouse wheel (which is a default assignment) or by pressing ‘c’ on the keyboard or by clicking the right joystick on my XBX controller (one of my reassignments).
I don’t think the dot is going away and we already have a toggle. People just need to find a way to live with it. Its really not that difficult but I do understand Asobo’s controls system is buggy so hopefully they can fix actual bugs that are not by design. The problem for many is that the reason they had no dot for so long is that things were not working as Asobo intended.
Reassigning controls may not be needed at all but I think it can help – especially if one has an XBox controller attached. That thing had me crashing into the ground by bringing up the toolbar control dot all the time. I thought I had a faulty controller so I changed a few controls and was able to fly but then there was the other dot and after a while I rewrote my controls to finally be able to get rid it at my choice. There are still bugs in that system too though because sometimes the mouse will stop working and you have to click the middle mouse wheel a few times. And being able to get rid of the dot doesnt help the situation where mouse and some other control fight each other but, for me, I can simply click the right mouse button and interact as needed and then shut off interaction mode again.

No. We (the people who have voted for this feature) don’t. There is no toggle to remove the white dot permanently. No key combination. No controller combinations. Some people reported there’s a way to turn it off because they thought that something they were doing was turning it off.

Whatever it was was only temporary. It comes back whenever you have moved the camera with the controller attached. It has always been this way. And it will remain this way until we get an official option to turn it off.

Not trying to start an argument here. But this has been the whole point of this issue for 2+ years.

Although more people are seeing the dreaded dot now, due to an actual issue, it has always been a problem for XBox controller users. Since day one.

People not understanding the issue.


Exactly. Of course I’m going to correct someone who says there’s already a toggle, when there isn’t.

It’s not how I feel. It’s just facts. There would be no need to post at all, if the facts were correct in the first place.

“We” is referring to the hundreds of other people who have voted for this option.

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While I see your point about @Funghie and how he came across, you came across as if speaking for the “collective” as well in this quote.

He does have a valid point that applies to myself and I’m guessing many others. Using your idea of re-assigning the C key (or any key, for that matter) to toggle cockpit freelook may work for you. For me, I use the mouse a lot to interact with cockpit controls. In my case, adding this pseudo toggle doesn’t work because it means adding extra steps to interact with controls. What most people have been asking is for a menu item toggle switch that simply turns off the white dot without changing up anything else like the freelook toggle does.


The free look toggle disables the mouse interaction with the cockpit, and makes the mouse essentially a camera pointer. This is a no go for me. Because how do I toggle the landing/taxi light, the carb heat, use the transponder, vor, etc?


I’m also discouraged at this moment. The white dot interfering with plane controls is spoiling the fun for me and it’s hard to get excited for MSFS 2024 if this continues.

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This wish is to simply have an option to disable the white dot when using a controller which is currently by design.

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I think the ideal solution would be a simple toggle.

  • Press a button, the white dot appears and you enter interactive mode: You can use it to interact with the panels and instruments.
  • Press it again, you leave the interactive mode, the white dot disappears and you go back to free look and no interaction is possible.
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We already have that via clicking one of the thumbsticks. (I think the left, but I don’t use it and don’t remember left/right off hand)

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Yes we already have that mode to interact with cockpit. So the white dot appearing when moving camera is useless.

The idea of it being a fixation point, or target, so that when using a joystick to move the camera view about makes it easy to aim at the switch or know you wish to interact with, I get. It makes sense.

The sim doesn’t know when you just want to look around though. Think of it like an FPS. More realistic ones allow you to turn off some virtual HUD, or aim point, and you have to use iron sights, or a scope to aim.

Without the white dot its like trying to aim, but you have no iron sights mode, so all shots are from the hip. :slight_smile:

Not the best analogy perhaps, but it makes sense to me. Try using Windows with no mouse pointer. :wink:

It’s completely different.
Let’s call them cursor and white dot.

The cursor moves on a still screen and acts like a mouse pointer.
The white dot stays centered and moves with the camera, it acts like a crosshair.

The cursor is useful for flat screen users, and the white dot becomes (kind of) useless even though everyone could choose which way feels the best.

The white dot is absolutely mandatory for VR users (you aim with your head) since the cursor doesn’t work anyway.

It actually already works in VR but:

  • You need to move the mouse and then move a stick or press a button for the white dot to appear.
  • The white dot disappears by itself after one second or so, so it’s barely usable as you need to act fast or you’ll have to aim at an instrument by guessing where the center is (or do the mouse trick again).

But overall, there is a real problem design wise and it’s very messy and broken.
A simple white dot toggle exactly like what already exists for the cursor would solve everything. One dev could probably do this in not even a day and we’re here, waiting since forever for this to be implemented/fixed.


Furthermore I like to stream my flights and this white dot and white boxes on everything most certainly effects the quality. Same for content creation.

The fact Asobo has chosen to fix this for hotas and yokes proves it’s a bug and at best a bad feature for gamepads. We have been waiting since SU5 with the votes and they decide to fix it for everyone else who has been waiting since SU12.

Imagine if track IR and or Tobi forced a white dot everywhere or any time you looked at a panel it highlighted with a white box/border. Again right stick on the gamepad is for head tracking fellas. What is worse is Asobo develops in 2K and the white dot is even worse in 1080p yet designed for 4K.

Seriously give us a toggle please. If you are going to fix it for some then fix it for everyone. We have been patient and waited almost two years. What more can we really say on the issue? This gets moved to wishlist but it’s actually still a bug because it causes problems and fights with mouse controls even causing the mouse cursor to vanish.

All of this was working proper prior to SU5. I would say we have been very patient with Asobo for this and I have talked to some community members and developers about it and they fully agree.

If they don’t fix this I am just done with MFS and will happily uninstall it for good. Had enough.


Not sure if this has already been reported, but for me, white dot issue fixed by by changing “Extremity” under Rudder Pedal Sensitivity to -10%. Give it a try.

I’m sorry but…what? You do not need a white dot in VR. What do you mean you aim with your head?

Are you a VR user? What you wrote is, I’m sorry to say, nonsense.

To interact with instruments/switches in VR you either use your mouse which acts like, well a mouse, or you use VR controllers in actual 3d space where you can reach out and up and in. Nowhere do you have to “aim with your head” or the “cursor doesn’t work”.

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This sounds more like the bug introduced with a recent update that affected users of flight controllers (yoke, rudder pedals, HOTAS, etc), as reported here:

This thread was started long before that, specifically affecting those using an Xbox style controller and can not be tuned away with a sensitivity adjustment.

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