Please, add the update of the crj on the ms store pls!

PLEASE, ADD THE UPDATE OF THE CRJ ON THE MS STORE PLS!!! The CRJ has many bugs, and aerosoft said that they already sent to MS the patch, please make it available ASAP


it will take a few days until it is available in the store

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The marketplace updates on Friday if I am not mistaken, so you’ll need to wait at least until Friday. Nothing you can do about that.

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*Thursday, not Friday

Even those of us that bought direct from Aerosoft have to wait for MS.


Horrible system …

and I ( and a lot of others ) bought with Aerosoft because Aerosoft stated they would release updates as soon as they are ready … and you had to wait when buying from MS Store.

AND NOW THIS … horrible dreadful dinosaur created by MS and Asobo.
The Patch is ready … but they have to wait for Asobo

Realy so disappointed in this sim. No basic sim without bugs … no CRJ without bugs … together it is ONE BIG WORKAROUND !


So are they holding the update from direct purchasers because the MP is lethargic with updates? If so that’s a serious load of excrement.


I’ll remember this delay when choosing to buy products launched in Asobo Marketplace.


They said in their forums that they are holding the next CRJ update until AFTER the SU4 update that dropped yesterday. They know something will break and wanted to test it with SU4 before release apparently.

Probably a good idea. I’m waiting for the CRJ, JF Arrow and Milviz Corsair updates, hopefully they all come this week or early next.

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They told they would wait 3 weeks ago … allowing their customers to struggle while a patch was ready for 3 more weeks !! ( confirmed ) .

So now what now …. Are they going to wait for the WU in 4 weeks ?

Really shamefull … not hot fixes nothing !

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one of their adms said that they already send the patch to MS

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They have to wait for MS

So MS forces developers to hold back updates until their painfully slow marketplace gets them. Wow what entitlement.


Well … it is the choice of aerosoft to also distribute on the market store. To earn more bucks. They are not obligated to do that.

Once they do the contract will tell them to release updates at the same time. That is stupid but understandable because otherwise nobody would purchase at the market place

The bad thing is that lots of people EXPLICITLY asked mr Kok of Aerosoft upfront if this wAs the case.

He said no … they would release the aerosoft version patch the minute it was ready. They did that with the first patch also. So people bought at aerosoft because the expected a quicker update process.

Well … still waiting :frowning: …. Almost 3 months of wobbling plane that hardly is able to hold glideslope as a bonus. BUT … was “tested” by a real CRJ pilot .

And furthermore … hinting a pre Christmas 2020 release to hype the product … ending up released in March

And “build from the ground up” … but no MSFS flight plan integration … gues why … because in the core it is a port.

And … despite the update was ready for a while … they wanted to wait for WEEKS to release after SU4 … because otherwise it would be a “to big drain of recourses” for aerosoft.

So i bought a bugged product … but no updates because otherwise they need to work to hard ???

For real … whats happening with these companies


This was what got me ■■■■■■. And on the forums they said that they already had a fix, but would wait for next big update. The time Ms store takes to release the update isn’t the big deal, but the way aerosoft dealt with it.

Right now I don’t fly the plane because throttle problems.

I agree with all points, but let’s also consider Microsoft. Customers were rightly annoyed at the glacial pace at which stuff gets released or updated on the MP and decided that they simply wouldn’t purchase from it. MS could have, oh I don’t know, actually improved their processes for the MP, no instead they decided to force devs to bend to their will and withhold updates until they get off their behinds and drop stuff in the MP.

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The update was not finished until late last week. It was still undergoing active development and testing until then. It was definitely not ready “weeks” ago. The developer did get advanced access to SU4 (at the same time as the other SU4 beta testers), and they had to make a few modifications due to flight model changes that came with SU4.

It would have been foolish to release the update before SU4, only to have something break because of SU4 changes, leading to even more delay while they “patch the patch”.

They did release the first update on their own store before the Marketplace version was ready, but since then, Mr. Kok was made aware (probably by Microsoft) that if a developer sells an MSFS product both on their own store and on the Marketplace, that any updates cannot be released on the developer’s store before the Marketplace version is released. This is an MS policy, and affects any developer who sells on the Marketplace in addition to their own storefront.

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On the 11th of May mr Kok replied the fix for the wobble was there … but had to wait for microsoft.

On the 13th mr kok wrote "Could it you have missed that we have a SOLID PATCH but have to wait for SU4 before we can release it? "

It would have been foolish ??? So are they now waiting on what the next WU will brake a a few weeks ?? What is that … lets wait and see and let the customer be stuck with wobble planes ??

So much for "hotfixes"this way … but weeks of waiting before a plane is patched.

Horrible … and the free choise of Aerosoft to bring the plane to the marketstore ( and the contractual obligations that come with that )

Mathijs just posted, CRJ update coming tomorrow!

where did he posted that?